how does traffic noise effect our health n.
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How does traffic noise effect Our health? PowerPoint Presentation
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How does traffic noise effect Our health?

How does traffic noise effect Our health?

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How does traffic noise effect Our health?

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  1. How does traffic noise effect Our health? Introduction By jack

  2. Traffic noise can deadly effect our health in many ways. It is very displeasing Human. In today the Noise pollution is most common problem in our life. The sources of the noise can be anything from outside traffic. Introduction to Noise Pollution

  3. Auditory problem, when the sound decibel is over 70 and high frequency, it cause noise for the ear. • Second is poor cognitive function. The ability to learn read and understanding skills will be decreasing over time. • Noise pollution can also decrease productivity in office. • For students, in noise environment, they cannot focus on their works. • Cardiovascular Issues, when the high amplitude noise suddenly travels to your ear, then it makes blood increase and that might cause heart related problems such as heart attack. • Sleep disturbance because the traffic noise goes to ear and disturbs brain. • Mental problem. Loud sound can increase stress level as well lead to violent behaviors. • Communication problem, In noisy environment that produces more than 75 decibels does not allow 2 people to communicate properly. Consequences and Problems

  4. Use of horns, motorbikes with exhaust pipes, and noisy trucks to be banned.Noise producing industries, airports, bus and transport terminals and railway stations to install far from where our home. • Government should make silence zones near schools, colleges, hospitals and so on. Vegetation along street and around residential buildings is a very effective way to reduce noise pollution as they absorb sound. • Buildings with hard materials can be installed to absorb sound. • Noise Barrier for reduce track and rail noise to reflect sound. Solution

  5. Factors!

  6. If government is going to install , they need materials and workman to make this. It will also cost a lot of to make that and the government has to give labor cost to every workman. Economics 2ND, They need woods and plants to make vegetation roads. Therefore people go to the mountain and cut many trees and bring them to city. It will cost a lot of money because they use crane , chain saw and many kinds of machines. In some points, cutting many trees might lead to deforestationwhich is environmental problem

  7. Stop Noise pollution Thank you

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