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700-702 Braindumps - Pass with Valid [2018] Cisco 700-702 Exam Dumps - PDF

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700-702 Braindumps - Pass with Valid [2018] Cisco 700-702 Exam Dumps - PDF

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  1. Cisco Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure for System Engineers 700-702 Exam Question & Answer PDF (FREE --- DEMO VERSION) Get Full Version of 700-702 Exam Question Answer PDF Here: https://itexamquestions.com/product/700-702-exam-questions/ Thank You For Reviewing 700-702 Exam PDF Demo

  2. Question 1 Which statement describes a bridge domain as it relates to the Cisco ACI? A. Separates tenants B. A separate routng instance C. A container for IP subnets D. A container for end points Aoswern B Question 2 Which type of links connect the spines and leafs? A. 40GE B. 1GE C. 10GE D. 100GE Aoswern C Explanatonn Referencen htpn::thenettorksurgeon.com:cisco-spine-and-leaf-architecture-discussionnexus-5500-vs-6001: Question 3 Which tto functons are provided by the Cisco Applicaton Policy Infrastructure Controller? (Choose tto.) A. Telemetry data for fabric operatons B. Policy repository C. Distributed management plane D. Control plane fortarding E. Data plane fortarding Aoswern B,E Explanatonn Referencen htpn::ttt.cisco.com:c:en:us:solutons:collateral:data-center virtualizaton:uniied-fabric:thite-paper-c11-730021.html Question 4

  3. Which three challenges can the Cisco ACI integraton of Layer 4 to Layer 7 services help a customer solve? (Choose three.) A. Operatonal challenge of taitng on specialized administrators to conigure individual devices B. Limited device features C. Chain of nettork services that includes multple vendors D. Costly and error-prone change control E. Politcs tithin an IT management organizaton Aoswern A,D Question 5 What is the functon of the OpFlex protocol policy element? A. Stores statstcal informaton B. Learns and knots every device in the nettork C. Resolves policy and conigures nettork hardtare:softare D. Captures and stores the user intent in policy E. Limits device features Aoswern D Explanatonn Referencen htpn::blogs.cisco.com:tag:oppex: Question 6 Which atribute that is associated to the end point identty does the Cisco ACI fabric use VxLAN to remove? A. Latency B. Operatng system C. Scale D. Locaton E. Payload F. Address Aoswern A,D,F Question 7 What is needed to fortard IP multcast betteen bridge domains? A. Fortarding IP multcast betteen bridge domains is not possible

  4. B. External rendezvous point C. External PIM router D. External Layer 2 stitch E. External OSPF router Aoswern E Question 8 Which three statements about a Cisco ACI Layer 3 connecton to an external nettork are true? (Choose three.) A. The Cisco ACI fabric is considered a transit nettork. B. Routes learned from the outside are redistributed into ISIS. C. Routes learned from the outside are redistributed into MP-BGP. D. A leaf stitch can peer tith an external router. E. A leaf stitch cannot peer tith an external router. F. The Cisco ACI fabric is intended to be a stub nettork. Aoswern C,D,F Question 9 What do atomic counters do? A. Count the number of leaves a pot uses B. Count the number of ports used C. Count the amount of tme passed D. Count the number of packets received Aoswern D Explanatonn Referencen htpn::ttt.cisco.com:c:en:us:td:docs:stitches:datacenter:aci:apic:st:1x:troubleshootng:b/API C/Troubleshootng:b/APIC/Troubleshootng/chapter/01.html (About atomic counters) Question 10 Regarding the integraton betteen the Cisco ACI fabric and VMtare DVS, that is used to assign VMs to EPGs? A. Physical NIC B. VM nettorks C. Port groups D. IP address

  5. E. MAC address Aoswern C,E Explanatonn Referencen htpn::ttt.cisco.com:c:en:us:solutons:collateral:data-centervirtualizaton:applicaton-centric- infrastructure:thite-paper-c11-731999.html Question 11 Which three encapsulatons types are normalized by the Cisco Applicaton Centric Infrastructure leaf? (Choose three.) A. STT B. VLAN C. VxLAN D. MPLS E. NVGRE F. VRF G. OTV Aoswern B,C,E Explanatonn Referencen htpn::ttt.cisco.com:c:en:us:td:docs:stitches:datacenter:aci:apic:st:1- x:acifundamentals:b/ACIFundamentals:b/ACI/Fundamentals/BigBook/chapter/0100.html#concep t/713CA5790F CA40C48564D5BB19640602 Question 12 Which tto encoding formats are supported by the Cisco APIC REST API? (Choose tto.) A. LISP B. XML C. SOAP D. JSON E. YAML Aoswern B,D

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