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7 Tips to Optimize Pinterest for SEO PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Tips to Optimize Pinterest for SEO

7 Tips to Optimize Pinterest for SEO

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7 Tips to Optimize Pinterest for SEO

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  1. 7 Tips to Optimize Pinterest for SEO Pinterest has been counting in the top engaging social network sites for several years now. Pinterest has a lot of potential that can help any small business to increase brand awareness, build a loyal following and drive traffic to your website or blog. By using Pinterest you can optimize your presence to be discovered by other users. After that most of the social users have same question: - Pinterest is good for business because it increases awareness, traffic, generates engagement that is specific to your service or brand. Most of the SEO serviceprovider’s emphasis more on social sharing sites to promote their product or service like Pinterest, Facebook, Google plus etc. Because it provide organic traffic and enhancement to their product or services. It might seems nearly difficult to rank for any of your keywords in Google, however getting some of your content or post to the top of Pinterest might be more easy & realistic. By using the proper keywords and applying SEO-friendly methods Pinterest

  2. can help your website to get rank significantly better in the search engines and drive more traffic to your website. Here are some points that could improve your SEO by optimizing Pinterest : 1. Optimize your profile Before you even start pinning (Posting) like other social sharing sites. First you should optimize your profile by pick a username that should go with your brand name or your top keyword. You can change it through your settings option. You should utilize the same description and keywords across your other social media profiles for consistency. 2. Create More Backlinks Backlinks are the incoming links that lead people to your website. A webpage with a lot of backlinks tends to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google. Did you know that Pinterest can help you a lot to create backlinks organically. Each time a pin is pinned and repined (reshared) on Pinterest it creates a backlink to the webpage or blog. The more a pin gets shared, the more backlinks are created. 3. Optimize Boards (Keyword Focused Boards) Pinterest boards are the main method to increase your followers on Pinterest because they are the primary thing that browser see on your webpage. It’s easier to get more followers from specific boards rather than your whole account. Create boards that are very specific to your keyword that you want to rank. 4. Optimize Pins Each and every pin should be descriptive, this will help the search engine to find your pins. Every pin is the representation of your profile that you need to optimize it as much you can.

  3. 5. Use Niche Categories Categories help the users to search and find your boards on Pinterest and work in a similar way to blog categories. Categories make your board more searchable. Keyword-based categories help you to classify your posts, boost search engine visibility and enhance the user experience. 6. Avoid Hashtags Hashtags are not completely useless, but they are also not necessary to extend the reach of your pins. 7. Optimize Your Images Search engines not only index web pages but they also crawl images. Make your image more descriptive with your keywords-rich file name or your business name. Get into the habit of using these points on Pinterest can greatly improve your search engine rankings and enhancing your overall engagement on Pinterest. If you want to share any Pinterest SEO strategy or these points’ works to your business, share your experience with us though the comments section. iMediaDesigns is full-service digital agency that offers cost effective web development, digital marketing and Mobile Application Development service in Toronto.