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  1. Small But Important Things To Observe In FerienGrächen The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are hugely important to annual sales in many industries, including automotive sales. Potential customers are out shopping in stronger numbers than the rest of the year, giving car dealerships a larger audience to market to. Holiday shopping crowds are also in "buying mode", ready to purchase items not only for friends and family, but often for themselves as well. Shoppers with extra available holiday capital are more easily persuaded to treat themselves to a new car than they are during other times of the year. Whether customers' new car purchases are a special indulgence just for them or a perfect gift for the whole family, the holiday shopping season is a ripe opportunity for automotive dealerships to boost sales. In order to capitalize on the holiday shopping season, your auto dealership needs to have a solid marketing plan! Thanksgiving and Christmas offer plenty of fun, fresh ways to promote vehicles, FerienGrächen and special offers, so get creative. The more unique your marketing strategies are, the more successful they are likely to be. These four holiday marketing ideas are great ways to kick start your auto dealership's season of holiday sales. 1) Get festive! Show your dealership's holiday spirit by making your show floor and lot bright, inviting and festive. Nothing draws the eye like bright Christmas decorations. Buy a 20' Douglas Fir, place it in the center of your outdoor lot and decorate it with bright white lights, tinsel and decorations. Hang fresh garlands, red bows and lights from building eaves and light poles. Serve hot chocolate on the show floor. Unless you have a talented person already on staff who is willing and able to completely deck out the rest of your dealership's exterior and interior, hire a decorator to come and do so. Show potential customers your dealership is in the holiday spirit and make your show floor irresistible with holiday cheer. 2) Offer a "12 days of Christmas" holiday sale. Everyone loves a great deal - so why not package 12 fantastic vehicle deals into a Christmas-themed event? Rather than having an unrelated string of holiday sales events, run a 12 Days of Christmas sale, with easy day offering a different type of sale. Start on smaller incentives and older vehicle models and work your way up to the "twelfth day of Christmas" with larger deals, ending with a grand finale! 3) Be creative with holiday-themed direct mail. Christmas is no time to send out the same old stock postcard mailers. Send your direct mail list a little holiday cheer with authentic-looking Christmas cards are present-shaped cards, complete with bow. Throw in some "dealership cash" to send an extra merry message. 4) Run a social media contest. Offer a contest for a significant % off, or a door prize giveaway (if your applicant pool is large enough for it). Ask people to connect with you in a specific way: have them finish the phrase "all I want for Christmas" in a photo, tweet or video, then ask them to post their response either on your dealership's Facebook wall or tweet it to you using a specific hashtag. Whatever your contest entails, be sure to create a specific landing page on your website (or Facebook event) that outlines the details of the contest - link to this from your social media accounts.

  2. I Wish Everyone Knew About FerienwohnungGrächen The holidays are upon us and it seems that many people have decided to simplify their holiday traditions this year. Instead of spending hours shopping and getting frustrated at the mall, they have decided to spend quality time with friends and family. In the spirit of simplicity and kindness, we have compiled a list of 12 simple and memorable ways to support a grieving loved one this holiday season. This list comes from the suggestions submitted by our online community. So take a minute to check your holiday To Do List and be sure you have added your grieving loved ones to the list. 1. Don't be afraid to acknowledge the loss. One of the most important things you can do for a friend that is grieving is to understand that special occasions, FerienwohnungGrächen and holidays may be filled with both sorrow and joy. A message as simple as "I know the holidays may be difficult for you. I want you to know that I am thinking about you." will let them know you care. 2. Listen and allow the tears to flow. Allow your friend the opportunity to feel all the feelings he or she is experiencing this time of year. 3. Allow the person to set the pace. Grief is a little like a roller coaster with many ups and downs. Your friend may want to cry one minute, talk about fun memories the next and then the next may want to have some time alone. Respect their needs and understand that their change in mood is not about you. 4. Encourage your friend to talk about the person that has passed away. If you knew the person, share your fond memories too. 5. Invite your friend to join your holiday gathering. As family members pass away, traditions change and a loved one may not be able to spend the holidays with their family. Including them in your family festivities will help ease the loneliness they may be feeling this time of year. 6. Send a card and be sure to acknowledge the loss. Don't be afraid to mention the person's name or to include your own personal memories of the person that has passed away. 7. Visit the cemetery with your friend or leave flowers with a note for the family at the gravesite. 8. Prepare your friend's favorite holiday treat or a favorite food of the person that has passed away. Each year I prepare my mother's holiday cookies to remember her love for the holidays. 9. Create a scrapbook of memories. Ask friends and family to write down their memories of the loved one that has passed away and put together a scrapbook of pictures and stories to give to your grieving friend. 10. Make a donation to their favorite charity in memory of the person that has passed away. 11. Encourage them to take care of themselves. Self care is very important to the healing process. Give a gift of pampering at a spa or prepare a care package that includes a relaxation CD, bath salts, and an aromatherapy candle. If going to a spa is not their way of relaxing, find an activity that brings them joy and relaxation. 12. Don't run for the hills. Many people are afraid to be around a person that is grieving. They often treat the grieving person as though they have a contagious disease. A true friend is the one that stands by their friend and allows them the space to feel all the feelings they are going through... The good and the bad. Offering your support, understanding and companionship during the holidays will be a cherished gift. Be sure to listen to your friend's wishes and do not force him or her to participate in activities that may be overwhelming. Be sure to only offer you support if you know you can truly follow through. And remember, it is the simple acts of kindness that are delivered with an open heart that are remembered year after year.

  3. Great FerienhausGrächen Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends According to the majority of sources on travel statistics, this year is expected to be a busy one for holiday travel. Whether you're going home for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah, you can bet that the price of an airline ticket is going to be higher than last year, too. Here are five tips that help you save money on your holiday travel, including airport parking. Be Flexible On Arrival/Departure Days The number one thing to keep in mind when booking your holiday air travel is the law of supply and demand. Most people will want to book a flight the day or so before Christmas or Hanukkah and return one or two days afterward, and will prefer Friday or Sunday departures. Obviously, those days are going to cost more because more travelers desire them. If you can be a bit flexible, FerienhausGrächenand leave midweek or stay longer so you're not departing on the peak day, you'll get a better deal. In fact, you could save up to 50 percent of departing on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday! Avoid Traveling During the Holiday Week You can save even more money if you completely avoid traveling during the week surrounding the holiday. For instance, if you're okay celebrating Christmas before or after the actual day, you'll find the lines shorter and the airfare much cheaper. Sure, most of us want to celebrate on the "real" holiday, but if you have a large family or several different groups to visit, this might be a very feasible alternative to spending a small fortune on holiday travel while allowing everyone to have a turn with different members of the family. Reserve Airport Parking in Advance Not only is the airport going to be extremely busy over the holidays, but so will the parking lots surrounding it. Do yourself a favor and reserve a spot in advance at an off-site parking facility. This offers several advantages for the holiday flair. For one, it guarantees you a spot to park your car. For another, it usually always costs less that parking on site - and if you can find an online coupon for the parking provider, it's even cheaper. Take the stress and hassles out of finding a secured parking spot and getting to the terminal on time when you travel for the holidays this year by reserving it in advance. Don't Make Group Flight Reservations If there's a large group of you traveling together, don't take the easy way out and look for a batch of tickets with a single airline for a single flight. You'll end up paying the highest rate found on one seat for all of your seats. Instead, look for availability for two passengers at a time and book your air travel that way. You may not all be seated together on the flight, but you will pay less. When You Buy Tickets Matters You've probably heard the advice that recommends you buy your airline tickets long before the holiday season so that you get the flight you desire. But doing so can mean you'll pay far more than you need to. Think about it - airlines are counting on holiday flights being full so the earliest rates for those flights will be expensive. But as the time draws nearer and there's still seats left, the airline will usually discount them just so they fill the flight. Don't wait until the very last minute, though, because you'll pay a premium for necessity. When it comes to saving money for holiday travel, there are ways to do it. Just remember that timing is everything and reserving your flight at just the right time while booking your airport parking ahead of time allows you to stay in your budget.

  4. Things You Need To Know About Chalet Grächen Today Remember the phrase "last minute deal"? Many of us used to take advantage of grabbing a cheap holiday deal at the last minute and would usually save lots of money by doing so. But unfortunately over the last few years booking late is much more expensive than it used to be, in fact you are usually better off booking many months in advance to get the cheapest holiday options available. Now many hotels offer tour operators early booking discounts to encourage people to book early with just a small deposit. Usually you could expect to save around 15-25% if booked 6 months in advance. Since low cost airlines have started to fly to popular beach destinations many traditional tour operators have had to change their business model to compete in the very competitive holiday industry. The way the low cost carriers market their fares are being by offering very low fares, many months in advance this enables them to slowly start increasing the fare the nearer to the departure date. Research shows that you can sometimes pay up to 200% more within 7 days of departure compared to booking 6 months prior. With this in mind many tour operators have started to follow suit, Chalet Grächen and are now heavily discounting their advanced offers to enable them to compete in this competitive market. If you have set holidays, it's strongly advised to book as soon as possible to enable you to find the cheapest holiday deal to your desired destination. However, if you're flexible on summer dates try booking a last minute holiday deal in early May, June & mid October making sure you don't clash with school holidays as this can increase the fare dramatically. The best destinations for cheap deals within that period are Turkey, Greece & Egypt. One note of caution is when booking your holiday on travel websites is always get the total cost before you book as websites do not include extras such as baggage charge, in-flight meals, online check-in and airport tax. In fact, some travel websites do not show you these hidden extras until after you have inserted your card details which are really bad practice and does not fill user with much confidence. Try and avoid these websites and always read the small print before you hit the confirm button and always look out for trade body logos such as ABTA & ATOL for your peace of mind and financial protection.

  5. Quick Tips Regarding UrlaubGrächen Do the holidays catch you by surprise every year as if they came in the middle of the night sneaking up on you while you slept? Do you feel tired and overwhelmed at just the thought of the next "fun" family gathering? Do the Christmas colors of red and green remind you more of anger and money instead of holly and wreaths? Too often the expectations of anticipated holiday traditions tend to get in the way of truly enjoying the events as you desperately try to be or to do things inconsistent with your normal life. Here is a look at three expectations that may need to be examined before this holiday season hits. "Deck the halls with boughs of holly." For many, the holidays are all about the decorations, UrlaubGrächen and not just a few candles or one tree, but numerous trees (one main pretty tree, one with the kid's school made ornaments, small ones for each of kid's rooms, and sometimes a couple small ones for outside accompanying the full manger scene), wreaths on the windows and doors, garland on doorposts and furniture, red slipcovers and pillows for the sofas and chairs, boxes and boxes of decorations for every room of the house and of course lights, lots of lights both inside and out. Tired yet? The expectation for the holidays is to decorate all of your living and working areas, but is this expectation one tradition you really want to pass on? Instead, how about letting someone else do the decorating and take a much needed vacation during the holidays, maybe it will become your best new tradition yet. "TIS the season to be jolly." Do not forget the parties. Beginning in September your calendar begins to fill up with various events, school performances, church performances, and parties with friends, family and coworkers to be attended during the holiday all season with an abundance of food. Each of the celebrations brings an expectation that you are happy and joyful for the holidays and are eagerly waiting celebrating the event. Yet if you truly examine yourself, the extra added activities and sadder calories to your daily routine may actually work against efforts to thoroughly enjoy it. Instead of saying "Yes" to every invitation, limit the number of invitations or events that your family will attend now and then agree as a family that you will decide together which ones to attend and which ones to decline. "Sing we joyous, all together." In the end, the holidays are supposed to bring you closer together with your families and friends, at least that is the expectation, but do they really? In the over indulgence of decorations, food, family and friends, you are sadly bonding together in excesses but not in the things that really matter. Broken families and friendships coming together for what should be a joyous celebration pretending that nothing is wrong or that the past did not happen can be painful, unproductive, and worse may cause more tension than joy. If your Santa wish list includes not facing someone, how about taking a break for one year from having to see them? Or better yet, use the time together to resolve differences instead of pretending that they do not exist. Take a moment to examine your traditions and see if they match with your expectations for the holidays. While there is no guarantee that changing your expectations and in some cases your traditions will increase your joyfulness during the holidays, it will at the very least improve your attitude and perspective so the holidays don't catch you by surprise.

  6. Awesome Things You Can Learn From UrlaubGrächen Economical doesn't necessarily mean enjoyment is sacrificed. There are lots of ways to make travels and vacations worthwhile without spending too much. Cheap holidays are possible with proper planning. By having a list of objectives, holidays will surely be fun and free from hassles. In order to find cheap holidays, below are the techniques people may want to consider. Each technique includes essential elements that will aid people in finalizing plans for a worthwhile vacation. #1 - During the holidays, people often choose to travel rather than stay at home. The 'what' question answers, the choice between packages and (Do-It-Yourself) plans. The former include complete and final packages offered by a travel agency. Usually, agencies present their clients with a list of offers showing places to go and time to be spent there. On the other hand, the latter involves picking up destinations, the number of tour trip; the period of the whole visit, and schedule for each stopover. When people do not want to follow offers of agencies, they usually resort to their own preference. #2 - The second one answers the 'who' question. This gives the person's idea as to whom the vacation is for. Is it for you, for your children, for family bonding or for friends? When this is determined, the person will have the idea what things to do and where to go. This will also affect how holidays are planned. #3 - The 'where' answers whether the person, couple or group prefer to spend in places near coastal areas, scenic places or city. It also determines what types of activities are expected in places chosen. For instance, when holidays will be spent in a beach, people will do swimming and other water-related activities. #4 - 'When' describes the period of stay in a place, and date of holiday. This also includes when to do all research and booking. For instance, weeks or months in advance must be allotted for planning and reservations. More often, activities are affected by limitations in time. For example, a two-day holiday may only involve visiting nearby areas rather than traveling to far destinations where most of the time will be spent in vehicles. #5 - How much? This encompasses the budget and expected costs in food, hotel accommodation, travel, and the complete holiday plan. Because the main target is a cost-effective trip, overall costs must meet preference and plans. However, people must not constrain themselves from being satisfied even if their finances are short. In conclusion, cheap holidays are possible by planning ahead and considering above mentioned factors vital. In this way, possibilities of problems regarding reservations and travels will be lessened or eliminated.