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QuickBooks Payroll Services and Features for QuickBooks Desktop PowerPoint Presentation
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QuickBooks Payroll Services and Features for QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Payroll Services and Features for QuickBooks Desktop

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QuickBooks Payroll Services and Features for QuickBooks Desktop

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  1. QuickBooks Payroll Services and Features for QuickBooks Desktop Presented by Wizxpert

  2. QuickBooks Payroll Services and Features for QuickBooks Desktop Nowadays, QuickBooks Payroll Customers are increasing day by day with advancement in technology. It is very complicate to know all features and services for the beginners. So, we are here going to help you to know all its services for QuickBooks Desktop. To get more detail and any help, dial QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service number 1-855-441-4417. A QuickBooks Payroll Service is a subscription which you can activate to make enable the payroll features in your QuickBooks Desktop Software. You can choose from Basic, Enhanced or Assisted Payroll according to the features you need. Mac users use Intuit Online Payroll as their payroll add-on. QuickBooks Payroll service does not work with QuickBooks Mac. As a standalone software, it only exports transactions to QuickBooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online (without Quickbooks Online Payroll).

  3. What payroll service do I have? ● To know your activated services in QuickBooks Desktop, do the following steps: ● l Go to Employees> My Payroll Service> Manage Service Key. ● l Find the payroll service name from the SERVICE NAME list in the QuickBooks Service Keys window. ● To view your Payroll subscription details: ● l Type renewal date, and price. ● l Update your billing information.

  4. QuickBooks Payroll Service Features Now, let’s start to discuss some important features: Create Paychecks You can create paychecks with automatic tax calculations then print and give them over to your employees. Payroll Updates It is the most current and accurate rates and calculations for supported state and federal tax tables, payroll tax forms, and e-file and pay options.

  5. Direct Deposit for Employees You may deposit your employee's payroll directly to your employee's checking or savings bank account. Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors QuickBooks payroll customers can send direct deposits up to 1099 Independent Contractors.

  6. ViewMyPaycheck (latest feature of payroll service) It is a website ( where employers can get their paycheck detail at anytime. They don’t need to print and mail their pay stubs every payday or replace lost or damaged pay stubs. Employees simply need to sign in to their ViewMyPaycheck account and see any current or prior pay stubs.

  7. Federal Forms QuickBooks Desktop fills in the latest W-2, 94x Forms, 1099/1096 Form and other Federal Forms automatically with Quickbooks Payroll Standard and Enhanced Payroll. You can print the forms with just a few clicks in QuickBooks Desktop and mail to the appropriate federal agencies.

  8. State Forms QuickBooks Desktop fills in the latest State Tax Forms automatically with Enhanced Payroll. It will help you to process the forms and stay in compliance with your State regulations. Intuit Workers' Comp Payment Service (latest feature of payroll service) Workers' Compensation Payment Service will automatically pay to your Workers' Comp premiums every pay period. You need not to pay too much, too little, or a late fee for forgetting to send a payment.

  9. After-the-fact payroll From a accountants efficiently enter, verify and adjust after-the fact paychecks. single spreadsheet-style screen, Create tax forms for clients on Standard or Basic payroll You can create or Produce federal and state tax forms for clients with Basic or Standard Payroll subscriptions.

  10. Client ready payroll reports They enable accountants to provide records of each payroll run and to analyze a client's payroll costs at the end of financial reporting periods (month, quarter, and year). Filing as a Reporting Agent Capability to file Federal forms as an authorized e-file Provider. Now, we have discussed almost all the important services and features of Payroll. Hope this article will be helpful for you. Get QuickBooks Online support from our well experienced and qualified experts for any query related to QuickBooks.

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