want to hire a car rental service n.
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Want To Hire A Car Rental Service? PowerPoint Presentation
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Want To Hire A Car Rental Service?

Want To Hire A Car Rental Service?

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Want To Hire A Car Rental Service?

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  1. Want To Hire A Car Rental Service?

  2. Do learn 7 horrible mistakes before you head towards hiring one

  3. Road accidents are becoming a common incident these days as every morning, we get to read on some news of road accident in newspaper. So, if you do not want to see yourself becoming a prey of a road accident, you have to be careful before taking a car rental service from anyone. Here are 7 mistakes for car rental service as well as way outs to get rid of them.

  4. No Need To Spend Money On Buying Additional Insurance Some car rental company might ask you to buy extra insurance before hiring; however, if you already have an auto insurance or you pay through a credit card, then avoid buying an extra insurance. You are already insured by your credit card and auto insurance. Moreover, the coverage of credit card is more powerful than a personal insurance policy.

  5. Airport Surcharges For Renting Cars From Airport Whenever a car is hired on rent from Airport, the customers are charged with airport surcharges. Therefore, the best way is to hire car rentals from a little away from the airport and save your money.

  6. Hire Car Rental Smartly Do not stick to a single car rental service provider, but look for other options too. Give some time finding the best option for car rentals. Using websites like Auto Slash and Car Rental Savers, you can make a thorough comparison between the prices of rental car. Moreover, these websites keep tracking rates and if the price goes down, they suggest to cancel the booking and rebook the car.

  7. For long distances, it is worth to use mileage caps. There are numerous companies offering car rental for unlimited miles enabling commuters to enjoy a ride without any additional charges.

  8. Prepay For The Gas Or Oil Is Perhaps Not Good Maybe you find it better and easier, yet in terms of money, it is not as good as it looks because, prepaying for gas or oil for full tank means if your journey lasts with half tank empty, your money is wasted. So, fill the tank whenever required from nearby stations and enjoy the journey in less expenses.

  9. Extra Charges For Car Seat Or GPS A number of car rental companies feel happy on charging customers with additional cost for accessories such as child seat or GPS. So, if you have a smartphone, then what is the need of a GPS in car? So, think of these elements and try to get rid of unnecessary charges.

  10. Inspect Your Car Thoroughly- Then Hire It is always wise to check a rental car prior to start driving it away. Give a close eye to each part of the rental car because, if you ignore any part and take a damaged car, there are chances of accident and even, while returning the rental Car Company may ask for the compensation of those damage. So, whatsoever you notice in the car, bring it in the consideration of the car rental service provide and then, take it for driving further.

  11. Late Fee To Be Charged For Returning Rental Car Late Generally, all car rental companies charge customers for using car for 24 hours. In case, the time crosses to 24 hours, some companies only charge some late fee; however some companies charge for additional 24 hours for late. So, to avoid these unwanted charges, make sure to return the car before 24 hours past and save your hard-earned money.

  12. Wrap-Up So, we see how rental car companies take out money from customers’ pockets. These 7 mistakes are common to be seen among most of the rental car service users. If you do not want to be one among such users, do follow our advice.

  13. Thanking You For Being With Us! Aone Trips – Car Rental Company