apliiq is the perfect partner to design n.
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High Quality Woven Labels PowerPoint Presentation
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High Quality Woven Labels

High Quality Woven Labels

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High Quality Woven Labels

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  1. Apliiq is the perfect partner to design & manufacture your custom apparel for your clothing line. Use the custom applique process to change the way the world buys, sells and experiences clothes. High Quality Woven Labels - As a fashion entrepreneur, you would love to see high-quality woven labels on your designed outfits. apliiq will help you materialize this dream of yours and give it the runway it deserves. Showcase your designs, get it printed and manufactured by apliiq! What’s more? We help you deliver your designed items to the customers! It is every fashion entrepreneurs dream to get their private label on the clothes they design. But if you are low on the fund to open your own boutique and manufacture, advertise, and sell your designs, then come to apliiq. T Shirt Printing - Apliiq offers t-shirt digital printing for those who love to flaunt their own designs on apparels. We give you the basic canvas of streetwear apparels where you can experiment and design. We will help with the manufacturing process and delivery to your customers. You get the profits directly! Do less and earn more with services from apliiq. T shirt printing done with your own design / text/ photo/ picture at best quality. Many customization options available to purchase the printed t shirts. We have made the option to make your own shirt at industry standards. Tshirts are the best attire to wear for any occassion. Be it a regular wear, office party, event or any occassion, t shirt printing shall be done very simply to print t shirts online.

  2. Dropshipping - Try our Dropshipping services if you are looking to start a clothing line and don't have enough to buy inventory upfront. We start selling products online in addition to your own clothing line products. make your brand stand out with Apliiq. How does dropshipping work? ● Your customer buys from your shopify store. ● The order is automatically placed with apliiq. ● Your order is made & shipped directly to your customer. Contact Us 1382 East Washington Blvd Los Angeles, CA, USA 858 414 4895