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Homo Erectus “Upright Man” PowerPoint Presentation
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Homo Erectus “Upright Man”

Homo Erectus “Upright Man”

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Homo Erectus “Upright Man”

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  1. Homo Erectus“Upright Man” By Maddie, J.P., Jessica, and Anthony

  2. Physical Appearance • The appearance of a Homo Erectus is a tall, upright person. They had big teeth and a thick sloping forehead with a large eyebrow ridge. They also have flat faces, no chins and a massive jaw.

  3. Food Eaten • The Homo Erectus at first ate raw food, but when they learned how to make fire they cooked their meat.

  4. Tools and Their Uses • Homo Erectus’s tools were hand axes, bolas, or stones wrapped in skins tied together, and fire. The hand axe was used for digging and cutting meat. The bolas were used for hunting. The fire was used to scare away other animals, for warmth and for cooking food.

  5. Religions and Ceremonies • The Homo Erectus were not developed enough to have a religion or ceremonies. • It is possible that they did have religion or ceremonies, but since they had no written language, we cannot determine that.

  6. Clothing • The Homo Erectus wore animal skins to cover their vital areas. We do not know if they eventually got more clothes for warmth. • They wore the skins draped over their bodies.

  7. Dates and Places of Existence • Homo Erectus lived in Africa, but eventually had moved to Europe and Asia about 250,000 years ago. • In far away China and Indonesian islands of Java, fossils had been discovered.

  8. Shelter • Homo Erectus depended on finding a shelter before it got chilly. • When they migrated, they did not have anything to bring with them .

  9. Community Roles • The Homo Erectus people where hunters. • The Homo Erectus people lived very bland and bold. • The Homo Erectus used fire for frightening animals when they hunted.

  10. Fire • The Homo Erectus people used fire for light, warmth, and cooking. • When the Homo Erectus learned how to make fires they could adapt to local areas. • That is how the Homo Erectus lived during the ice age in Europe. • They made there fires by rubbing two stones together or two sticks.

  11. Communication • Since the Homo Erectus had larger brains they could learn new skills of communication. • The early Homo Erectus were not able to speak which means they probably grunted and or combined multiple words that sounded like a mumble.

  12. Painting and Carving • The Homo Erectus did not carve or paint anything. We do not understand why.