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Social Studies Lesson ED 417

Social Studies Lesson ED 417. Brittany Allen. Social Studies. Unit: Community Helpers Grade: Second Grade. Objectives . Students will identify community helpers and their jobs in the community. They will understand the importance of each of these jobs in the community.

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Social Studies Lesson ED 417

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  1. Social Studies LessonED 417 Brittany Allen

  2. Social Studies Unit: Community Helpers Grade: Second Grade

  3. Objectives • Students will identify community helpers and their jobs in the community. • They will understand the importance of each of these jobs in the community.

  4. Activity 1Who are Community Helpers? • K-W-L chart • Teacher and students will create K-W-L chart with class to determine what the children already know and want to know about community helpers. • Read Aloud • Teacher will read the book Community Helpers from A-Z. • After Read Aloud • Together, add to K-W-L chart about what the children learned so far.

  5. Materials for Activity 1 • Chart paper • Marker • Book: Community Helpers from A-Z

  6. Activity 2Police Officer Joe • Have each student write down one question in their journals that they want to know about Police Officers. • Invite a local Police Officer to come into the class and speak with the children

  7. Activity 2 Continued • Allow time for question and answers • Have the students return to their journals and write the answers that they found. • If their question was not answered by the Police Officer, allow them to use other resources in the room to find an answer (books about police officers, internet, ect.)

  8. Materials for Activity 2 • Contact Police Officer to speak in class • Journals • Pencils • Resource Books about Police Officers and their Jobs • Internet

  9. Activity 3Where does the mail go? • Read the book Tortoise Brings the Mail • Discuss with the class about the process of mailing letters and receiving mail. • Talk to them about the importance of the mailman and his/her job of delivering mail

  10. Activity 3 Continued • Have the children write a letter thanking the Police Officer for speaking in their classroom. • Have them address their envelopes and explain to them that you are going to take them to the post office. • If possible take the students on a field trip to the post office to mail the letters.

  11. Materials for Activity 3 • Book Tortoise Brings the Mail • Paper and Pencils for letters • Envelopes • Stamps

  12. Activity 4 Fire Safety • Read book I Want to be a Fire Fighter • Discuss the importance of Fire Fighters in the community • Go over Fire Safety with the students • Get permission from school building principal to have a fire drill. • Use carpet or mat to have the students practice “Stop, Drop and Roll”

  13. Materials for Activity 4 • Permission for Fire Drill • Carpet or Mat for “Stop, Drop and Roll”

  14. Activity 5Community Helper Tools • Pre-Activity • Create a list with the students of other important jobs in the community. • Send a letter home to parents asking for a “tool” that represents their job and role in the community • Examples: computer paper, rolling pen, tooth brush, or diaper.

  15. Activity 5 continued • Students will bring in the “tool” that represents their parents job. • Each student will share with the class what their parent’s job is and how the tool is used. • Teacher will then read Jobs People Do • Students with think about what job they would like to do when they grow up and write about it in their journals.

  16. Materials for Activity 5 • Letter to Parents • Parent’s participation for “tool” • Book: Jobs People Do • Journals • Pencil

  17. Presentation Slide Activity 1: K-W-L Chart about Community Helpers

  18. STOP DROP ROLL Presentation SlideActivity 4 Fire Safety

  19. Web Sites • http://www.eduref.org/Virtual/Lessons/Social_Studies/Civics/CIV0005.html • http://www.teach-nology.com • http://www.apples4theteacher.com/socialstud.html • http://www.pbs.org/teachers/ • http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/socialstudies.jsp

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