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Royal star Cafe shop (promotion ways) PowerPoint Presentation
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Royal star Cafe shop (promotion ways)

Royal star Cafe shop (promotion ways)

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Royal star Cafe shop (promotion ways)

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  1. Royal star Cafe shop(promotion ways) Location: 23 burke st, melbourne Contact no:9695 6655 Website: www.royal

  2. Vision: • Our café‘s vision is to provide all customers with comfortable place, good service, delicious and high quality food. We will keep lowest prices around city improve our reputation and better our customer satisfaction

  3. Mission: • Our café will prepare comfortable place and will hire professional, experienced staff to service our customer. We will continually train staff to ensure we are ahead of our competitor. We will try to exceed our customer’s expectations in everything we do.

  4. Goals: • To become one of best café shop in the next 5 years. • Open another café shop in the next 4 years • Make $10, 0000 profits in next year. • Attract 20% customer to our café in the next 3 months • Increase 20% profit in this year. • Improve the café environment in this year. • Improve our business reputation in this year. • Add more facility in next half year.

  5. Action plan: • provide the high quality food for customer • improve our personal ability and knowledge • give customer best service • Hire the professional and experienced coffee maker. • use newspaper and activities to promote our business • To realize the customer expectation.

  6. How to promote relationship Three ways: • Advertising • Feedback • Observation

  7. adverting • This is the process of not only attracting new customers to our business, but more importantly keeping them coming back to us. This is a very effective way to make our business more profitable. We can use: loyalty clubs, limited time offers, freebies, special services offered on different days. If we are not sure about what they would like we can ask them

  8. feedback • One of the keys to using feedback to build relationships is to use feedback information to improve and then contact the customer to thank them for their feedback. Letting them know that we appreciate them will really wow them. We could even take it a step further and reward them in some way for their valuable feedback

  9. observation • .we need to finding out what our customers want and need and delivering it. Customer feedback surveys are very valuable to our business. If we have it, we need use it. We should read them and try to put their advice and information into practice where we can do it.

  10. Thank you for you listening