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And The Good ense Stewardship Movement PowerPoint Presentation
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And The Good ense Stewardship Movement

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And The Good ense Stewardship Movement

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And The Good ense Stewardship Movement

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    1. And The Good $ense Stewardship Movement

    2. Purpose To define the Stewardship Dilemma, identify contributing factors and their implications, and explore a solution.

    3. 3 Defining The Stewardship Dilemma The struggle within individuals, pastors and churches between the importance of biblical financial stewardship that facilitates spiritual growth and the difficulty of understanding, pursuing and practicing it.

    4. 4 The Pull of The Culture Says Things bring happiness Debt is expected and unavoidable A little more money will solve my problems

    5. 5 The Mind and Heart of God Says A persons life does not consist of the abundance of their possessions Lk. 12:15 The borrower is servant to the lender Prov. 22:7 rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances I Thess. 5:16-18

    6. 6 The Core Truths Of Biblically-Based Stewardship God created everything - Gen 1:1 God owns everything - Ps. 24:1 We are trustees - I Cor. 4:2

    7. 7 Therefore We Are To Become. . . Diligent Earners - Col. 3:23 Generous Givers - II Cor. 8:1-5; 9:6-7 Wise Savers - Prov. 21:20 Cautious Debtors - Prov. 22:27; Ps. 37:21 Prudent Consumers - Lk. 12:15

    8. 8 The Personal Dilemma Lack of parental training, school teaching Absence of church teaching Tragic results Lack of freedom to respond to Gods call Personal debt at all-time high Savings at 70-year low Personal bankruptcies at record levels Chief cause of marital discord

    9. 9 The Pastoral Dilemma Lack of training Lack of helpful resources Subject often seems intimidating Concern over congregational reaction Tragic results: Failure to teach the whole Word of God Congregation remains untaught and vulnerable Church is under resourced

    10. 10 The Church Dilemma Giving as a percent of income has been declining for the past three decades Only 8% of born agains tithe to a local church 16% of Christians dont give anything to a local church Source: Barna

    11. 11 The Stewardship Dilemma Is a Spiritual Growth Issue The Bible deals extensively with money, more than 2,300 verses We cant serve two masters -Matt.6:24 The deceitfulness of riches will choke out Gods word - Matt. 13:22 Where our treasure is our heart will be - Matt. 6:21

    12. 12 Willow Creeks Response To This Dilemma Eighteen years ago, requests for financial counseling exceeded pastoral capabilities Good $ense financial stewardship ministry established to teach, equip and counsel Became an essential vehicle for establishing biblical stewardship as a core value

    13. 13 Marks Of The Good $ense Ministry Applies biblical truth to facilitate life-change and remove money as a barrier to spiritual growth Grace laden, culturally relevant and easily understood concepts Empowers the local church to address its stewardship dilemma

    14. 14 Results of Good $ense Ministry at Willow Creek Church Congregation supports the church mission High level of serving both within and beyond the church Ministries being supported, expanded No church debt Capital campaign goal exceeded by 60%

    15. 15 Why A Good $ense Stewardship Movement ? Churches began asking Willow for stewardship information WCA survey and other research indicated stewardship as a top church need Good $ense Workshops sparked further requests for resources

    16. Good $ense Stewardship Movement A ministry of the Willow Creek Association devoted to proclaiming and advancing the value of biblically based stewardship by empowering local church leaders so that biblical stewardship becomes normative

    17. 17 Good $ense Movement Objectives To help local churches raise up and train stewardship leaders To facilitate church exchange of information and best practices To be a repository of stewardship information to empower the local church

    18. 18 Good $ense Movement Strategy to Assist Churches Adapt proven materials that facilitate biblical stewardship practices Support the implementation of Good $ense ministries Equip stewardship leaders to optimize their churchs potential

    19. 19 The Good $ense Kit Is A Foundational Tool Contains everything needed to launch year-round ministry Three primary components in the kit Everything in the kit may be purchased individually

    20. 20 Good $ense Kit Vision Video / Implementation Guide For staff and lay leaders 15 minute video provides rationale for Good $ense Guide is a step-by-step blueprint for year-round ministry

    21. 21 Good $ense Kit Budget Course For everyone in church Teaches biblical principles related to money Trains to budget and track expenses Deals with earning, giving, saving, debt and lifestyle

    22. 22 Good $ense Kit Counselor Training Workshop Trains volunteers to provide free, confidential budget counseling Teaches five stages of counseling process Interpersonal skills training Counselors learn to successfully complete a Good $ense case

    23. 23 Good $ense Ministry Support Teacher / Leader Training Coaching on the Good $ense website Teaching assistance E-Newsletter Lists of stewardship references and resources

    24. 24 For Information About The Good $ense Movement Web site at: Good $ense Movement at: Phone: 224-512-1833 Email: