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Oracle Implementation

Oracle Implementation

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Oracle Implementation

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  1. Oracle Implementation

  2. What is Flexible Future Enterprise? • End Result • When all initiatives taken together as a unified and linked body of work, allows us to leverage our capabilities organization-wide and support two distinct brands. • Enhanced capabilities will be realized with flexible manufacturing, better services, faster new product introductions and at the same time maintaining and improving our service commitments.

  3. Topics • Project background • What resources are needed to implement an enhanced enterprise-wide software architecture? • What is creating aFlexible Future and enterprise software? • What impact and benefits will be realized by you? • What will be the most noticeable changes? • When will the changes occur? • What type of support will be available?

  4. Project Background • Started in 2005 evaluated hardware systems • Evaluated consultant groups to help with the design and build of the new processes • Selected BCG team members • 48 full time BCG employees • July 2007 kick-off • April 2008 Finance Go-live • July 2008 Doors Business Unit and Plant Go Live

  5. MS Access JD Edwards Friedman Excel Friedman Q20E M2OE JD Edwards MS Access MS Excel Data Warehouse EZ- CAB txnotes Pre Order Management EZPrint Masco MBA RightFax Intelli-Quote AOC Friedman Istatus Friedman-Parrish Friedman JD Edwards Pro Engineer Macro Express Inventor Excel Excel UNIX Shipping Friedman Concur EPM APC – Flex Automation JD Edwards Built To Track Time & Attendance MS Access Masco-SRM Excel BTT Minitab Data Warehouse Friedman MS Access Bar Code Scanning Data Pak Data Warehouse MRP Spreadsheet Server MBIZ CAR Works Active Pay Mini MRP XES Excel Friedman At Road Williams Excel Quick Book Rform SAM Track-IT JD Edwards Friedman AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy FAS Global CAR Dataware House MS Access Spreadsheet Server Oracle Applications/Tech Other Office Apps Custom Developed App Business Systems Architecture - As-Is Prospect to Customer Order to Cash 20 / 20 Metreo PlanIT Fusion MapInfo MBIZ Design to Release DocLink Demand to Ship Procure to Pay AutoCAD Auto EDMS Yield Optimization Forecast to Plan Micro Main/MP2 Transportation / Logistics Schedule to Install Rfile Finance / Human Resources PeopleSoft Hyperion Legacy or Package

  6. Six Project Phases – Deloitte Deliver Operate Vision Plan Design Build Pilot & Deploy Design, Build & Test Rollout Definition Elaboration & Build Transition, Pilot & Stabilize

  7. bt2 Extended Team Structure Core Project Team • Site Sponsor • Provides leadership and bt2 sponsorship at site • Ensures visibility of bt2 • Key Stakeholder • Reviews deliverables • Bears Ultimate responsibility for benefits realization • Change Ambassador • Assists managers at sites • Solicits feedback and addresses concerns • Subject Matter Expert • Provides deep subject matter knowledge • Viewed as thought leader • Data Cleanser • Reviews and “cleanses” data from legacy systems • Checks data for accuracy • Trainer • Provides knowledge transfer to end users • May become Super User • Tester • Executes test scenarios to ensure design works • May be Trainer/Super User

  8. What Are the Major Benefits to You? • Supports manufacturing initiatives such as “finish to order” • The software enterprise architecture is an integral component to launching new products • Can support regional products • Increase frequency of new product launches • Move towards one order system for Masterpiece and Series 100 / 200 • Platform to integrate products like countertops • Improved access, better and more timely information • Greater integration with sales systems to generate more leads • Make intelligent decisions (purchase history, designing displays and model homes) • Improved facility to facility communication and processes all around the country

  9. What will be the MostNoticeable Changes? • A new system and processes for ordering products available • Will support existing EDI requirements • New product nomenclature • Existing design layouts will require revisions to include new nomenclature • Acknowledgements, invoices, packing lists, statements and labels will look different • Order numbers will not “roll over” – moving from 6 to 8 digits • Online, self-service ordering system puts you in control • New acknowledgement (will be sent by your preference, and available online) • A second order acknowledgement will be sent with confirmed ship date • Limited changes will be allowed after the order is received • Manual no changes after order is received • Electronic choice to hold order for 24 hour period to allow changes or book immediately

  10. What will be the Most Noticeable Changes? • During a timeframe, systems and support tools will identify dual nomenclature (current products) • Any new products launched will only have the new nomenclature • Customer portal to view order status and historical information will be available • Customer facing document format changes will be made • Acknowledgements • Invoices • Packing Lists • Product Labels • Statements

  11. When will the changes occur? • Anticipate Go Live in Culpeper Q2 2009 • Will introduce configurator and order management elements with the Culpeper Go Live • iStore (online customer ordering tool) will be in place around this time

  12. Commitment to a Successful Transition • We will strive to make this a smooth transition • Leadership Communications • Newsletters Excellent Communications • Mailed Letters • Online Tutorials • Marketing Materials • Hotline for issues • Instructional Guides • Trained Customer Care and Sales Force

  13. Preparing for Change Training Most activity will happen between 30 and 60 days before “Go Live”

  14. C-words are Tethering Us Down Speedy Congested Confusing Secure Smart Complex Colossal Closed-off Small Simple

  15. S-words Enable Us to Reach Our Vision In summary, why we need to do this? Speedy Smart Secure Simple Small Sustainable

  16. Critical Success Factors Leadership commitment Overcoming resistance Investing the right people into the project Clear definition of roles and responsibilities Excellent project management Empowered project team Excellent communications

  17. Q & A