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How To Publish Your First Ios App On Apple Store

Through this powerpoint presentation, we are telling you how you can publish your iOS app on Apple Store. For more information visit here:- https://aresourcepool.com/<br>

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How To Publish Your First Ios App On Apple Store

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  1. How To Publish Your First Ios App On Apple Store So, you have almost completed your first iOS app and preparing to launch it on the Apple Store? First of all, a big congratulation on your achievement! You may have devoted hours of efforts to build up to something unique and catchy for weeks or maybe for months. Now, this fruit of your efforts is useless until you will install it on the Apple Store so that other users can download, install, use and review your creation. If you are thinking that submitting your iOS app to the Apple store is a complicated affair, then take a look at the following steps that will help you to ease out all the worries. Although it is almost impossible to know what is the exact review process of the Apple, you can prepare well to increase your chances of the zenith. Before starting the process, you must have registered yourself in the iOS Developer Program of Apple. If you have not done that yet, then visit the official website of the Apple, go to the Developers page and enroll for the iOS Developer Program. Now, finally, you can start your journey with a nerve-wracking submission experience. Testing: The first thing, you have to is test the app to find out whether it is ready for upload or not. It is not necessary that your app will be ready just after you write the last line of the code. There are so many things that may remain to complete it. And to find out that, you need to test it on one or more devices. You have to check different aspects like memory leaks as well as performance issues or crash issues. Make sure you have optimized the app for all the screen size as it is the most common problem people find. Apple may take a close look at the user experience parameter as they want their customers to give the optimum facilities.

  2. Rules and Guidelines: Just like any other app store, Apple also comes with its set of rules and regulations to standardize all the products. The iOS app must comply with the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and App Store Review Guidelines. However, most of the developers avoid reading them and as a result, their products reject eventually. Keep in mind that you should not use private API or replicate the functionalities of mother application and many other things. Prerequisites: Before you submit your app, there are some prerequisite factors that you need to fulfill. The main thing that you need is to obtain an App ID, a valid provisioning profile and a valid distribution certificate. Every Application must have an App ID by which people can identify it. The explicit App ID and Wildcard App Id are two varieties that the developers can use. Along with that to create the provisioning profile, you need a distribution certificate. With the help of the profile, you can distribute the application in the store. After completing all these steps, you need to configure the build setting in the Xcode. The deployment target shows a minimum number of applications that run on. Assets Settings: The icons are an important part of any iOS app and you have to ensure the proper size and quality of every work. Check with all the types and sizes of the display to give the best user experience. You have to submit the screenshots of the application for every device. Keep the metadata of the application at hand. Prepare to Submit: Nowadays, the submission process has become much easier as you can just validate and submit the app using the Xcode. You have to insert the basic information like the name of the App, SKU number, Bundle ID to complete the step. The price and availability of the app should be mentioned in the next step.

  3. Upload: On the final stage, you have to update the binary of the app. For that, you have to build the archive on a generic device. Now select the Upload to App Store from the list of the Archive placed on the right. The binary of the app will be uploaded in the Apple Store. In case, there will be any error happens in the validation process the submission process will be failed. Waiting: After you have submitted your app, there is nothing for you to wait. The status of the app will be Waiting for Review. It may take several days to review and approve or reject the app. For More Information Visit Here: Click here for visit our website: https://aresourcepool.com/

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