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The Niagara Escarpment

The Niagara Escarpment. Ontario’s Spectacular Geologic Formation: A United Nations World Biosphere Reserve. The Location. From Niagara Falls to Tobermory – a 725 km cliff!. The Entire Escarpment Map. Produces a bowl in which 3 Great lakes are found. The Most Spectacular Formation.

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The Niagara Escarpment

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  1. The Niagara Escarpment Ontario’s Spectacular Geologic Formation: A United Nations World Biosphere Reserve

  2. The Location • From Niagara Falls to Tobermory – a 725 km cliff!

  3. The Entire Escarpment Map • Produces a bowl in which 3 Great lakes are found

  4. The Most Spectacular Formation • Niagara Falls--- which runs over the escarpment!

  5. An Aerial View of the Niagara Escarpment in the Niagara Peninsula

  6. Overlooking Lake Ontario

  7. Has many parks situated on or near it! • Example: Balls Falls Conservation Area in the Niagara Peninsula

  8. Short Hills Provincial Park • Near St. Catharines, Ontario

  9. Also contains the Bruce Trail • 750 km of hiking trails along the entire length of the Escarpment

  10. Agriculture near the Escarpment • Niagara Peninsula is known for its grapes and wineries

  11. The Welland Canal • Locks used by ships to by-pass Niagara Falls

  12. Another View of the Welland Canal

  13. The Escarpment in Hamilton • Is known as…. “The Mountain”

  14. Karst Topography • The escarpment is made out of limestone which erodes readily to create caves and crevasses

  15. Crawford Lake C.A.Campbellville • A merimictic lake - Also on our hike!

  16. Another Conservation Area • Mount Nemo , in Burlington, which we will see on our trip!

  17. Rattlesnake Point – Our Trip’s Destination • Located near Milton, Ontario – 30 mins from here!

  18. Development of the Escarpment Area • Milton is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities which is placing pressure on the escarpment.

  19. The Dufferin Gap • View from the 401 looking north

  20. Aerial View of the Dufferin Quarry

  21. The Escarpment is also used for mining aggregate used in construction • Dufferin Aggregates – Canada’s Largest Quarry

  22. The Quarry must be rehabilitated after its been mined • Rehab of Dufferin Aggregates – A resevoir!

  23. The Dufferin Gap • A bridge made to help continue the Bruce Trail

  24. Recreational Use – Skiing/Mountain Biking • Maybe you’ve been here…Kelso Conservation Area

  25. The Escarpment in Caledon • The Badlands

  26. Another look at the Badlands

  27. A country road over the Escarpment • In Caledon

  28. Golfing on the Escarpment • Devil’s Pulpit - Caledon

  29. Beaver Valley • A ski paradise near Flesherton, Ont

  30. Beaver Valley …again! • Eugenia Falls

  31. Beaver Valley – Hogg’s Falls

  32. Blue Mountain, Collingwood • A Major Ski Resort

  33. Owen Sound, Pottawatomi C.A. • A spiral staircase to climb the escarpment!

  34. Lion’s Head, Bruce Peninsula • A fabulous hike and world famous climbing!

  35. More @ Lion’s Head • Caves made by Glaciation!

  36. Lion’s Head Continued

  37. Bruce Peninsula National Park • The Shoreline • Turquoise water due to the Limestone (calcium carbonate)

  38. Bruce Peninsula N. P. • The Grottos – Underwater Caves

  39. Another Look at the Grottos!

  40. Tobermory – The Northern Terminus! • An Aerial View

  41. Fathom 5 National Marine Park • Shipwrecks, Scuba diving and more…

  42. Flowerpot Island, Tobermory • A day excursion!

  43. Flowerpot Island, Lighthouse

  44. Manitoulin Island • Largest freshwater island in the world!

  45. A Lookout on Manitoulin Island

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