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B. Line Housing Information Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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B. Line Housing Information Ltd

B. Line Housing Information Ltd

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B. Line Housing Information Ltd

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  1. B. Line Housing Information Ltd Sample Maps

  2. Local Comparison – Lone Parent Households (Local Authority Level) Examining broad demographics can provide an indication of potential housing issues in the area being examined (e.g. lone parents, households aged over 80, unemployed, disability etc)

  3. Census Output Area Classifications (number of categories edited) Output Area Classifications give a broad impression of local neighbourhoods – they can suggest where to focus mixed neighbourhood strategies, and demonstrate housing market patterns (such as the escalator model).

  4. House Price data by local authority (East Midlands 2002) House price data reveals ‘hotspots’ for high and low demand at almost any geography

  5. Price differentials measured locally can show where a premium is attached to market housing, and suggest where need for more measured supply might be likely to arise.

  6. Mapping data for rural areas can show the most isolated patches which are furthest from goods and services – this can be an issue in relation to traffic and healthcare services (particularly for the elderly).

  7. Migrations Data (NHS Central Register) Migrations data can show patterns and flows in the local area and from further afield. It often demonstrates ‘city flight’ (established households moving out of cities into the suburbs).

  8. Migrations in 2001 (from Census Table MG301) Examining local migration patterns can reveal housing submarkets and linkages

  9. Local drive zones Drive zones can suggest the potential search radius for residents able to travel to work by car and help to indicate the potential impact of new developments on travel to work and traffic flows.

  10. Aggregated travel to work totals by settlement (from Census 2001 Table TV301) Travel to work data can help to show levels of self containment within and across an area, and the relationships between settlements of different sizes.