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  1. Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky When you think of Kentucky, you might think of fried chicken and old rednecks. But Kentucky has natural beauty only some can really see. They have stunning horses, sparkling waterfalls, and evergreen forests. I would like to show you just how wonderful Kentucky really is. By: Nina Belle Sheridan Statehood: June 1st 1792

  2. Kentucky's State Symbols State Nickname- Bluegrass State State People Name- Kentuckians State Tree- Tulip Poplar State Flower- Goldenrod State Bird- Kentucky Cardinal State Song- My Old Kentucky Home State Flag- State Seal State Seal- United We Stand, United We Fall

  3. Kentucky's State Flag and Seal You know that this is Kentucky’s main symbol, but do you know the story behind it? Well, the first flag was hastily out together for a convention, so they just decided to put the sate seal in the middle. After a while, they wanted a better copy of the flag, so they had an art teacher in Frankfort make a new one. She added the beautiful goldenrod border and everybody loved it. It hasn’t changed since. State Seal State Flag

  4. Kentucky's State Flower and Bird The goldenrod, Kentucky’s state flower, used to be Alabama’s state flower, and the citizens of Kentucky wanted to adopt it as their flower, so it became the official state flower on March 16, 1926. The state tree, the tulip poplar, has a story of its own. The Kentucky State bird, otherwise known as the Kentucky Cardinal, is also an interesting subject. It was voted the state bird in 1926 by the General Assembly. Six other states also have the Cardinal for their state bird including Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana. You can tell if a cardinal is an adult, is how big they are.. Most cardinal’s width is eight inches wide. Plus, cardinals don’t migrate, so you can hear their chirping all year long.

  5. Kentucky's State Tree The state tree, the tulip poplar, has a story of its own. The tulip poplar was the state tree for many years, but after a while, it turned out the legal papers hadn’t been filed, so it was decided they would not have a state tree. Kentucky decided to have a vote on which tree they wanted, because many others wanted the coffee tree. One very powerful supporter of the coffee tree was named Joe Creason, but after he died, the supporters of the coffee tree switched over the tulip poplar side, and it became the official state tree of Kentucky.

  6. Kentucky's Geography The states surrounding Kentucky are Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri. It covers 40,411 square miles. 679 square miles are covered in water. It is 380 miles long and 140 miles wide. It is the 37th largest states.

  7. Kentucky's Economy You would think Kentucky has plenty of money, but you are dead wrong. Kentucky makes 19.4 billion dollars, but that’s only one fourth of what it owes. Making transportation devices is what brings in the most money in Kentucky. Producing nonelectrical machinery is the second most popular money maker.

  8. Kentucky's Money Business The third most popular business that brings in money is making other types of machinery such as air conditioning and heating, farm machinery, equipment, and typewriters. The fourth way Kentucky gains money is by processing meats, poultry, baked goods, and beverages. So, even though KFC is a very successful business, it doesn’t give all its money to Kentucky.

  9. Daniel Boone John went to Kentucky with his friend John Finley. They were doing very well with their hunting, until Shawnee and Cherokee Indians captured and robbed them. Then, a judge named Richard Henderson offered to buy the Cherokee Indians’ land. So they met with the chief, Chief Attakullakulla and he sold all of his land in Kentucky. He established the city of Boonesborough and brought his family to live. He then met the Shawnee Indians again. The Shawnees made a deal with Daniel. If they didn’t harm the citizens of Boonesborough, he will tell them to surrender in spring, but forget to include himself in the deal. The Shawnees held Boone captive for a while. Then he escaped and went back to Boonesborough. He found that his family had moved and the Shawnees were coming after him. When the Shawnees finally attacked, they were ready, and they won the fight. The Shawnees had all given up, and Boone was reunited with his family.

  10. Kentucky's History In 1776, Kentucky was part of Virginia, but they complained they had received little help in the Revolutionary War, and wanted to make their own colony. Kentucky really wanted to become a independent state, so after many conventions at Danville, they finally became separated from Virginia on June 1st, 1792.

  11. Kentucky's Tourist Attractions Kentucky’s tourist attractions include horses, raising tobacco, special whiskey, the Kentucky Derby, and beautiful parks, forests, lakes, caves, and waterfalls.

  12. Horse Racing in Kentucky The first horse races were run in 1787, but the citizens of Kentucky didn’t have a race course yet, so they built one in a place called The Commons. Over the years, horse racing became more and more popular. A man named M. Louis Clark traveled to England in 1872, and returned with pointers for horse racers.He built a race course which was opened on May 17, 1875. It held three very important horse races that year including the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, and the Clark Handicap.

  13. The Kentucky Derby M Louis Clark built the racecourse known as the Churchill Downs, and started two clubs, the American and French Jockey Club. The American Jockey club hosted the first Kentucky Derby, and there were 10,000 people in the stands, yet the experience was not very profitable when it came to money. Over the years, the Kentucky Derby became more popular, and now it is one of the main attractions in Kentucky. On the year of the 25th Derby, Clark killed himself, and the racecourse was given to Mr. Thomas H. Meeker.

  14. The climate in Kentucky is associated with the jet stream, so in Winter and spring there are mostly cloudy and wet days. In summer, there is very warm weather, and its very humid. There is only a slight breeze in summer. The temperatures are lowest in January, and highest in July, like most states. Although it does get warm, extremely high temperatures are rare. The most rain falls in Spring, and the least amount of rain falls in Fall. About forty six inches of rain fall every year. Kentucky's Weather and Climate

  15. The End I hope you enjoyed my PowerPoint presentation. If you did, thanks. If you didn’t, well, it’s over now so good for you. Thank You.

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