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Willowridge High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Willowridge High School

Willowridge High School

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Willowridge High School

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  1. Willowridge High School Chapter 1 Review

  2. ___, which was founded in Arabia in 622 by The prophet Muhammad, spread rapidly across The Middle East to North and West Africa. Buddhism Christianity A: B: Hinduism Islam C: D:

  3. Islam

  4. The ____ people who entered the Valley of Mexico In the 1200’s built advanced civilizations. Incas Mayans A: B: Aztecs Apache C: D:

  5. Aztecs

  6. In the late 1400/s, encouraged by the training And sponsorship provided by Henry the Navigator, the ___ explored the west Coast of Africa. French English A: B: Portuguese Spanish C: D:

  7. Portuguese

  8. By the 1500’s, the ___ empire was at its height, Having achieved power and wealth by Gaining control of the trans-Sahara trade. Kobe Songhai A: B: Ghana Somalia C: D:

  9. Songhai

  10. The desert-dwelling ___ culture introduced crops To the American Southwest Iroquois Comanche A: B: Apache Anasazi C: D:

  11. Anasazi

  12. Spanish settlement in Florida began with his efforts Hernando Cortes Samuel Rodriguez A: B: Ponce de Leon Pope C: D:

  13. Ponce de Leon

  14. The term refers to people of mixed Spanish and Indian ancestry. encomienda conquistador A: B: mestizo None of the above C: D:

  15. mestizo

  16. They were the first Native Americans with whom Columbus came into contact Iroquois Comanche A: B: Anasazi Taino C: D:

  17. Taino

  18. They came to Central America in search of gold. Conquistadors Artisans A: B: Taino mestizo C: D:

  19. Conquistadors

  20. This pattern of trading agricultural products began In the 1500’s and continues today. Treaty of Tordesillas The Elizabethan Exchange A: B: The Columbian Exchange The Treaty of Elizabeth C: D:

  21. The Columbian Exchange

  22. This Pueblo religious leader led a rebellion Against Spanish rule, which drove the Spanish Out of New Mexico for twelve years. Ponce de Leon Pope A: B: Jaime de Leon Pape C: D:

  23. Pope

  24. Settlers in ______, England’s first permanent Settlement, hoped to find gold to satisfy investors. Plymouth Norfolk A: B: Hampton Bay Jamestown C: D:

  25. Jamestown

  26. ____ led forces to Conquer Tenochtitlan, the Aztec Capital in the 1500’s. Pope Hernando Cortes A: B: Ponce de Leon Ponce de Bonilla C: D:

  27. Hernando Cortes

  28. ___ founded Providence as a haven for Religious dissenters. Native Americans William Penn A: B: Hernando Cortes Roger Williams C: D:

  29. Roger Williams

  30. Separatists, known as Pilgrims, were the first settlers Of ____. Jamestown New Netherlands A: B: Plymouth Florida C: D:

  31. Plymouth

  32. Great Job!!!! Thank you for playing!