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Business Process/Web Services Integration - ebXML PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Process/Web Services Integration - ebXML

Business Process/Web Services Integration - ebXML

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Business Process/Web Services Integration - ebXML

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  1. Business Process/Web Services Integration - ebXML Himagiri (Hima) Mukkamala Web Services Architect, Sybase e-Business Division

  2. Bio • Web Services Architect for Sybase e-Business Division • Co-author for ebXML CPPA 2.0 specification • Co-author for ebXML BPSS 2.0 specification • Specification Co-lead for JSR 157 – Java APIs for ebXML CPPA • Sybase’s representative to W3C Web Services Architecture WG

  3. Web Services – Classification • Two categories based on usage patterns • Simple • Collaborative Web Services

  4. Simple Web Services • Basic Web Services. • Stock Quote Service, etc. • Either RPC or Document style • Commonly implemented using SOAP, WSDL & UDDI on a J2EE™ AppServer. • Doesn’t provide Business Process Collaboration capabilities natively. • Lacks Trading Partner Agreement, State information

  5. Simple Web Services Web Services Provider Web Services Provider Request Internet Response J2EE™ AppServer SOAP Messages .NET

  6. Collaborative Web Services • Complex Web Services. • Either RPC or Document style • Commonly layered on industry standards like ebXML, RosettaNet™, etc. • Business Process Collaboration over the Internet. • Enables Trading Partners to take part in complex business processes. • Provide common services like Exceptions, Security, Non-Repudiation, Notification of Failure, etc. • Larger infrastructure requirements.

  7. Collaborative Web Services(Cont’d) Trading Partner Management B2B Application B2B Application Request Response Internet Request Response BPM BPM J2EE™ AppServer Collaboration .NET ™

  8. Core Comp MSH ebXML& Collaborative WS Trading Partner Management CPP/A B2B Application B2B Application Request Response Internet Request Response BPM BPM Collaboration BPSS J2EE™ AppServer .NET ™

  9. Business Process Integration • Integrating disparate business processes within and outside the enterprise • Ability to describe business processes in a platform/vendor neutral format • Web Services to integrate diverse architectures and implementations • Different requirements based on integration boundaries. • Business processes could be a choreography of Web Services

  10. Business Process Integration (Cont’d) • Within the enterprise, different systems have to be tied together. • Performance and simplicity becomes a big factor • Automating integration across extended value chain can be delivered using Web Services. • Integration across enterprise can start with simple interactions. • Eventually, for Business Process Integration spanning multiple enterprises, Web Services Integration Architectures have to possess certain functionalities.

  11. Business Process Integration (Cont’d) • Some of the functionality include • Choreography • Transactionality • Security • Managebility, etc. • These features will let enterprises have flexibility in integrating business partners • Results in automated business collaborations in a standardized format??

  12. Portal Interface Data Storage Business Process Engine Analysis/Monitoring Application Server Adapters Public Process Integration Transformation/ Routing Business Process Integration (Cont’d) Web Services Business Platform

  13. What does Sybase provide?

  14. Key Elements of an ebXML Solution • Modeling tools for BPSS • GUItools for CPPA creation • Standards adherence • Proven interoperability with solutions from other vendors • Security enhancements like S/MIME • Scalability and High Availability • Integration with security infrastructure • Business Process Management layer

  15. Business Process Integration Solution (Beyond ebXML) • Adapters to EIS systems like SAP to get to internal processes • Monitoring capabilities to analyze/evaluate business processes – internal & external • Application Server functionality like J2EE compliance. • Portal solutions for human interaction across business processes

  16. Sybase ebXML Solution • Business Process Integrator (BPI) Suite • A comprehensive, modular integration solution for the value chain • ebXML and RosettaNet support • Business process management (public & private) • Business activity monitoring (fat or thin client) • Integration to legacy applications • EDI (X12, EDIFACT, HL7) • SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, etc. • OS/390 – CICS & IMS • Many others

  17. BPI Suite for ebXML • Web Services Integrator • ebXML MSH and CPPA support • Tools for CPP and CPA creation and modification. • UCC (Drummond) certified for ebMS 2.0 interoperability with 3 other vendors. • Messaging implementation has been open-sourced and is available for public download at • PowerDesigner • Design-time BPSS support • UML Modeling. • Process Server • Run-time ebXML BPSS support • Additional support for private business processes

  18. BPI Suite for ebXML(Cont’d) • BizTracker • Monitor status of private or public business processes • Real-time transformation of raw data into meaningful business metrics (real-time BI) • e-Biz Integrator • Message routing • Data transformation • Enterprise Application Server • J2EE1.3 compliant • Execute CORBA/COM/Java components

  19. ebXML Specifications • ebMS 2.0 & MSH 1.0 • BPSS 1.01 • CPPA 1.0 & CPPA 2.0 • REGREP using JAXR

  20. Car Parts International • Car Parts International uses the Sybase Business Process Integrator (BPI) Suite to: • Integrate all key touch points in the extended value chain: customers, employees, and business partners in value chain. • Provide valuable services to their customers streamlines integration with existing systems • Automate business processes in an extended enterprise. • Streamline integration with existing systems • Bring news systems on-line

  21. Car Parts International Business Problem Call Center • Competitive market place • New channels of delivery needed for customers • Operation systems can’t connect to web applications • Paper intensive manual process • Difficulty bringing new systems on-line quickly Car Parts International Orders Internet Car Parts Manufacturer

  22. Business Process Business Process Engine Start Validate Client Account Exists Y N Check Credit Good Y N ExternalCustomer VerificationService Open Account Send Denial Submit Order End

  23. OrderReservationRequest OrderReservationResponse OrderRequest OrderConfirmation Public Collaboration Submit Order Car Parts Manufacturer Car Parts International Public Process Interface Sybase Adapter forSAP R/3 Internet

  24. The Systems Car Parts International Sybase Adapter for SAP R/3 Process Server EAServer J2EE 1.3 Compliant SAP R/3 System Sybase Adapter for Siebel Web Services Integrator Siebel System BizTracker e-BizIntegrator Credit Approval System

  25. Extended Business Process using ebXML

  26. Public Business Process – Submit Order • “Submit Order” is business process integration across enterprise • This is a two business transaction collaboration • “Car Parts International” will send a “Order Reservation Request” for a particular part ordered by a customer • “Car Parts Manufacturer” will send a “Order Reservation Response” • “Car Parts International” will send a “Order Request” • “Car Parts Manufacturer” will send a “Order Confirmation” • SAP System on the “Car Parts Manufacturer” side will register the order, once PO is received and PO Response is sent.

  27. Description of B2B Collaboration using ebXML • Roles – Seller, Buyer • Transactions – Order Reservation Request, Purchase Order • Business Documents • Order Reservation Request, Order Reservation Response • PO Request, PO Confirmation • Protocol – HTTP • XMLDSIG for Non-Repudiation • SSL for Authentication • Documents and Capabilities published for Trading Partner access

  28. Scenario Mapped to ebXML • Business Documents – Order Reservation Request, Order Reservation Response, PO, PO Confirmation – Set of Core Components • Collaboration Description for Purchasing Service Business Process - BPSS • Definition of transport, enveloping, security characteristics, etc. - CPA • Publishing of Document definitions and capabilities - REGREP • Runtime exchange of messages over HTTP – MSH

  29. Sequence of Operations • Model the Business Collaboration. • Create a BPSS instance document for the collaboration. • Choose the Business Documents to take part in the collaboration. • Decide on message exchange characteristics • Create a CPP for the business process capturing the characteristics decided. • Publish the BPSS instance, CPP and the Business Documents to registry under particular category

  30. Sequence of Operations (Cont’d) • Trading Partner would query the registry for a particular category. • A particular matching partners’ BPSS, CPP and other necessary information are retrieved from the registry. • Would create a CPP to match up with their characteristics. • Negotiate with the partner chosen to come up with a CPA. • Initiate the collaboration by invoking the Business Service Interface provided.

  31. Collaboration Design and Runtime Business Process Model Business Document Core Components BPSS CPP CPP Registry/ Repository CPA Transport & Packaging Trading Partner Trading Partner

  32. Infrastructure Design Runtime Document Repository BSI CPA Merge Tool REGREP API CPA Negotiation CPPA API CPP Designer MSH API BP Modeling Tool App Server Registry Browser

  33. Summary • Things to look for in a Vendors’ offering • Tools, Tools, Tools……… • GUI tools for CPP/A creation • Modeling tools for BPSS • Standards adherence • Security enhancements like S/MIME • Scalability and High Availability • Integration capabilities. • Business Process Management within and across enterprise.

  34. Information • – Information about Sybase’s BPI Suite • - Information about Sybase’s opensource ebXML Messaging implementation.