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Elementary STC Training PALS PowerPoint Presentation
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Elementary STC Training PALS

Elementary STC Training PALS

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Elementary STC Training PALS

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  1. Elementary STC TrainingPALS September 18, 2007

  2. What is PALS? Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening Part of the Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI) established in 1997 • Purposes: • Provide teachers with a screening tool to identify students who would benefit from additional reading instruction • Offer incentive funds for school divisions to provide these students with additional instruction

  3. PALS Screening Dates

  4. Who participates in PALS? • Fall 2007 • K: all students • 1 – 3: students new to VA public schools and students who did not meet the Spring 2007 benchmark (all other students are optional) • Mid-Year 2008 • Same students from Fall 2007 • Spring 2008 • K & 1: all students • 2: all students except those meeting high benchmark in spring of first grade or fall of second grade • 3: optional screening of 3rd grade students

  5. New for 2007-08 • Student Testing Identifier (STI) numbers will now be used as the student number • Access to STI numbers can be found in Web Reporting • STI Numbers will need to be hand-entered by teachers when they access a student • Select teacher under the “teacher list” for your school • Click on a student’s name, then click on Assessment Wizard • The next page will be a student information page where the STI number and other information will have to be completed • We have no access to upload STI numbers to the system, but it only has to be done one time.

  6. PALS Participation for ESL Students • LEP Students identified as Level 1 should not take PALS. • LEP Level 2 students should be tested based on a “committee” decision. • All LEP Level 3 and 4, and students on monitor status, should take PALS.

  7. Additional Participation at theSchool Level • Above the minimum participation requirements, schools may choose to screen any additional students they wish. • # of students identified for services based on PALS screenings will set the Second Helping funding at schools • Addition of Mid-Year Screenings

  8. Materials Needed There are two types of kits for PALS: • Teacher Sets (materials with carrying case) • Consumable Sets (classroom materials only) Materials were ordered based on STC estimates this past Spring

  9. Two Different Forms of PALS • Form A & Form B – alternate years of use • This year 2007-08 we are using Form A (these materials are GREEN) • In 2008-2009, we will go back to Form B again KEEP ALL SECURE SCREENING MATERIALS FOR USE DURING THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR

  10. Getting Started • Your returning teachers should use their previous login and passwords (login information being distributed today) • Returning teachers who already have a PALS account (even from another school division) do not need to re-register, they can “transfer” themselves • New users who have never had a PALS account need to register

  11. Teacher Training:CD-Rom/Assessment Training • Each shrink-wrapped package of non-consumable materials contains a CD with a 24 minute Assessment Training video outlining and explaining how to administer the PALS screening • Using the Online Assessment Wizard:

  12. Teacher Training:Online Assessment Wizard • Does not change administration procedure • Allows for score entry directly onto the computer with internet access • Reduces assessment time • Flexibility to use with one or all of students, one or all teachers • Can be used during or after the administration • Generates item-level data & additional reports: • Student OAW report • Class OAW report • Running Records at grades 1-3 only • Student Summary Sheets

  13. Registering a New User • Go to and click on the yellow box that reads “Enter Scores & View Reports” • Under the “New to PALS?” heading you will see “for first-time visitors ONLY, please register”. Click the “Go” button. Next, input the registration code (27839BX), select “Virginia” and choose the role of the person registering. Click “Register” • Fill in the name, email address, choose the school and select grade level(s). Click “Continue” and then click “Enter Site”. • Next you will see a list of students in the school that can be selected for the teacher’s class list. Make your selections and then click “Continue”. Use the “Add or Transfer student” button to complete the class list set-up.

  14. Getting Started (continued) • Please watch the CD included in your package of materials to view demonstrations of each task. • Students who were at your school last year will still be on the web site. • Students new to your school must be entered. • Name, DOB, student ID #, ethnicity & gender must be entered for students new to VA. • If a student was in VA last year, you can request that PALS transfer the student’s data.

  15. Other registrations needed: • Follow handout for returning teacher login • Changing account information: • Name change: call or email PALS office • Password and email: login in, click on “Account Info”. Make changes and click “Update” • Change Schools: only can do if you do not have a class list established. Follow directions on handout

  16. Transferring Students from one school to another • To request a student transfer from PALS: • choose the “Student Transfer Form” link • PALS will move students and their score histories from their old location to their new school

  17. Very Important: • SAVE your Form A non-consumable materials to use again during the Mid-year and Spring screening windows. This includes: • Administration & Scoring Guide • Technical Reference • Teacher Packet • Student Packet & booklets in the back • Additional consumable materials will be sent upon request, but are not needed if you use the online assessment wizard: • Class Summary Sheet • Student Summary Sheets • Student Spelling Sheets

  18. Additional Information • Additional important information can be found in the “News You Can Use” newsletter from the PALS website (see handouts) • Questions about Second Helping should be directed to: • Vacant, Elementary Language Arts Specialist • Cheryl Thomas, Director of Elementary Education

  19. PALS Contact Information • PALS Office: • Website: • Email: • Phone: 1-888-UVA-PALS (1-888-882-7257) • Fax: (434) 982-2793 • PALS Screening/Second Helping: • Cheryl Thomas 652-3738 • Additional Materials: • Tracy Walker 652-3839, • Latonya Glowinski 652-3595,