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FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the FIRST AMENDMENT. For class 8-346 by N. Reed. Introduction.

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  1. FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the FIRST AMENDMENT For class 8-346 by N. Reed

  2. Introduction • The controversy about rap music today and the question of whether profanity, violence,sexism, and racism in rap lyrics are protected by the First Amendment is the most explosive issue concerning Freedom of Speech today. Young people today feel that rap lyrics are legitimate expression of their view about life which are protected speech in terms of the United States Constitution. Others see the sentiment expressed in rap music as violation of their rights. • What is your view? Are lyrics a freedom of speech or a violation of rights

  3. Task You will explore the controversy of rap music and the First Amendment. How? Just watch and see!

  4. 1. You will conduct a survey using OpinionPoint.com to analyze how adolescents, teenagers, young adults, and adults feel about rap lyrics. You will define the following vocabulary words – survey, analyze, controversy, lyrics, legitimate, sentiments

  5. Task (continued) • Using the information gathered in the survey, you will determine if rap lyrics have protection under the 1st Amendment. • You will use Power Point to create a slide show to summarize your conclusions. • Ya heard!

  6. The Process • Students will read, define, and analyze the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. • http://www.maxwell.syr.edu/plegal/TIPS.htm • Students will research and analyze Supreme Court decisions involving 1st Amendment cases. • http://www.maxwell.syr.edu/plegal/TIPS.htm • Students will gather pictures involving the 1st Amendment. • Students will create survey questions to conduct a survey.

  7. The Process (continued) • Students will use the internet links to gather information to support the task. • The end for now. Any questions

  8. Conclusion • You will have learned that although opinions vary greatly and the controversy rages on, rappers and rap artists are free to express their views. Limiting the power to use music, speech, and art as self expression is called censorship which violates the First Amendment. Perhaps the issue of rap lyrics should be a moral question the artist must ask themselves.

  9. Standards • Communication Arts • E1c – The student reads and comprehends informational materials to develop understanding and expertise and produces written or oral work that relates or summarizes information • E3b – The student participates in group meetings. • Social Studies • 1 US History • 5 Civics

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