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VMware in the Data Center Server Consolidation Strategies for MetaFrame

VMware in the Data Center Server Consolidation Strategies for MetaFrame. Greg Pontrelli Enterprise Systems Engineer - Southwest Citrix Systems, Inc. Why are we here?. MetaFrame usage is growing dramatically! Growth means more hardware required

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VMware in the Data Center Server Consolidation Strategies for MetaFrame

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  1. VMware in the Data CenterServer Consolidation Strategies for MetaFrame Greg Pontrelli Enterprise Systems Engineer - Southwest Citrix Systems, Inc.

  2. Why are we here? • MetaFrame usage is growing dramatically! • Growth means more hardware required • More hardware = increased need to consolidate servers … to explore a few server consolidation solutions!

  3. What are we going to cover? • Review current MetaFrame deployment practices • Explore 3 consolidation strategies, one in depth • Examine a customer pushing forward with the virtualization solution today • Conclude with additional resources

  4. What is this VMware stuff? • ‘Virtualizes’ operating systems • Changes the business norm • Solves today’s customer pains • Really cool!

  5. Current Standard Practices Scaling out vs. scaling up…

  6. Scale out vs. scale up… • Attributes of ‘scale out’ model • (you know and live these!) • Why scale out? • Failure isolation • OS scalability limitations • Hardware costs – low in terms of $/CCU • Challenges… • Physical server management • Logical server management • Per server software licensing costs • Billing/cost allocation practices

  7. Scale out vs. scale up… • Challenges are forcing some customers to deploy 4-8 CPU MetaFrame servers, even at higher $/CCU costs…

  8. Trends in MetaFrame server consolidation What solutions are people thinking about, exploring, and/or deploying?

  9. Scale up – native OS? • 4-32 CPU systems, native Windows OS? • Maybe, but unfortunately not in most cases…

  10. Scale out – BLADES! • The promise… • Extremely compact footprint • Relatively inexpensive – new $/CCU leader? • All the positive points of ‘scale out’ • Better physical server management • ‘Flooring’ costs decreased? (rack space) • The challenges… • Logical server management • Immaturity of the technology • Software licensing costs (per server) • ‘Flooring’ costs? (billing practices)

  11. Server Consolidation with ‘Virtual Machines’ Introducing Darren HarveyManager, Systems Engineers - WestVMware, Inc.

  12. Traditional Intel Architecture

  13. Virtual Machine Architecture

  14. VMware Partitioning • Run multiple operating systems on one physical machine • Fully utilize server resources

  15. VMware Isolation • Uses CPU hardware • Powerful performance, fault, and data isolation • CPU, RAM, disk, and network resource controls • Guarantee service levels

  16. VMware Encapsulation • VM is saved within a file • VM can be transferred through time and space • Flexible deployment • Easier Disaster Recovery

  17. VMware & Citrix – Scaling Up and Out

  18. Demo: Inside ESX ServerCustomer Story: Conseco Darren Harvey Manager, Systems Engineers - West VMware, Inc.

  19. Conseco at a glance • Why Citrix? Why VMware? • First deployed MetaFrame on VMware GSX Server over 1 year ago • 1 data center native, 1 on VMware GSX Server, 3 key results: • More CCU’s on VMware GSX Server • Rock solid stability with VMware GSX Server • Operation savings the key • Current deployment for 2000 users on IBM x440’s

  20. ESX Server 1.5.2 running on 8 way 32GB IBM xSeries 440 Conseco Environment Details • 2000 Users at 170 sites Core Network • 5 x IBM x440’s with 68 VMs on ESX Server • MetaFrame servers, admin servers, application servers • Full lifecycle (Dev  Prod) Redundant Brocade Switches, EMC Symmetrix • Virtual Storage • Disaster Recovery • Instant Provisioning

  21. Conseco Success • Running over 100 concurrent VMs on 12 hosts, 50+ base images, 5 different HW platforms with 100% VM compatibility • Supporting Development, Testing, Production, and Failover/Disaster recovery environments for a diverse set of MetaFrame, Application Server, and Admin Services • “The best way to rapidly distribute and deploy across worldwide data centers.” • “Dead simple recovery process.” • Chuck Zlamal, Snr. Linux/Windows Administrator, • (Charles_E_Zlamal@consecofinance.com)

  22. Where does this fit in a Citrix environment?

  23. Virtualization – WHY? • Consolidate physical servers • Seriously simplify change management • ‘Imaging’ becomes trivial • Building and isolating Test/Dev and Pre-production/pilot environments (and doing it right!) is more feasible • Gain benefits of ‘scale out’ approach • Failure isolation • OS scalability limitations • Hardware costs? • VM portability to different host platforms

  24. Virtualization – WHY? • Benefits of ‘scale up’ approach • Compact rack footprint • Some physical server management challenges addressed • ‘Flooring’ costs decreased? (rack space, billing practices) • Simplified data management • Dynamic capacity management • N times 2? In a MetaFrame environment?

  25. Virtualization – WHY NOT? • Challenges • Relatively new technology in the Citrix world • Muddy support messages from key vendor • Industry knowledge still developing • N+x hardware redundancy more expensive • Logical server management When to virtualize production MetaFrame servers?

  26. Virtualize MetaFrame - when? • The key: Know and understand your workload! • MetaFrame VM’s may make sense when: • You expect scalability to be bound by guest OS • CPU’s not scaling, kernel resources exhausted, etc. • You expect to be application bound • Memory consumption, poor thread management, etc. • Your cost allocation model favors fewer boxes

  27. Virtualize MetaFrame - when? • MetaFrame VM’s may NOT make sense when: • You expect scalability to be bound by CPU • Not infinitely conclusive… • You expect some other component to be challenged • Best bet: bring VMware in and TEST!

  28. Examples from the field… • Manufacturing company • Internal costing drove them to deploy many 8 CPU MF servers • Current load on 8 ways is 100 CCU (one silo) • Goal: reduce solution cost to internal customers • NET: VM driven MF servers may make sense if it increases CCU on existing hardware

  29. Examples from the field… • Telecommunications firm • Existing farms have a large number of 4 CPU systems deployed • New workload they are looking at brings CCU down considerably • Goal: maximize CCU on the system • NET: VM driven MetaFrame servers may make sense if it can increase CCU on existing hardware

  30. Examples from the field… • Another telecommunications firm • Current environment is deployed on quads with 4GB RAM • Current load on 4 ways is 80 CCU and CPU bound • Goal: reduce the quantity of physical servers • NET: VM driven MetaFrame servers may not make sense because of the current CPU bottleneck

  31. To summarize… • In a Citrix MetaFrame environment, the VMware solution makes sense for: • Consolidation of under-utilized servers • Hosting of under-utilized Citrix support servers • Hosting test/dev and pilot/pre-production MetaFrame servers • Hosting the right production MetaFrame servers

  32. Wrap up…

  33. Wrap up • Current norm: scale out vs. scale up… • Great job for most today! • Scale up, 4-32 CPU and native OS… • May be a solution when 64-bit CPU’s, apps arrive • Not generally workable solution today • Scale out, blades… • May be new $/CCU leader! • …when technology matures • Scale up (and out): virtualization… • Great fit for many uses today • Investigate uses today • Watch for more data as scenarios/technology matures

  34. Additional Resources • VMwarewww.vmware.com • HP White paper on 8-ways, VMware and MetaFrame • Search Active Answers for VMware • HP’s Suite and Booth • IBM White Papers • Your Citrix SE • We all use it!

  35. TM Citrix Authorized Training • With Citrix Training: • Learn tips and techniques for managing and administering Citrix software • Obtain valuable lab time for hands-on practice • Prepare for Citrix certification exams • Learn quickly and efficiently in the classroom • New Courses and Certification Include: • CTX-720X Citrix MetaFrame Secure Access Manager Administration • CTX-6100 Citrix Core Technologies and Architecture • Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA) program to be launched in Q4 2003 • Available Worldwide from 350 CALCs • Training Locations from www.citrix.com/training

  36. Question and Answer…

  37. THANK YOU for attending!

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