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Transportation Services: Parking and Transit Services (Bus Service) PowerPoint Presentation
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Transportation Services: Parking and Transit Services (Bus Service)

Transportation Services: Parking and Transit Services (Bus Service)

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Transportation Services: Parking and Transit Services (Bus Service)

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  1. Transportation Services: Parking and Transit Services (Bus Service) • • Web registration opened 4/8/09, and closes 7/15/09 at midnight PM for fall. Spring entrants will create an account and request parking in lot 100. • After this deadline PA 100 will be the lot of choice. A “wait list” can still be created. • Seniority preference based on classification and date of wait list determine order. • Spring Admits contact Transportation Services.

  2. Transportation Services-Parking & Bus Stops

  3. Transportation Services-Parking & Bus Stops

  4. Pause and read carefully. • July 15 is the cut off for on-line registration for obtaining a parking permit in a chosen lot, in this case the optimum lot is PA 114 at the SRPH complex. If you have received your UIN authenticated with NetID you should be able logon to Transportation Services, create an account, and acquire a parking permit in 114, or the next closest lot. • More lots listed on the last slide, and you may want to go to and click on “future students” then search for campus map to better see the lots, or use maps at . • New students matriculating in the Spring will need to go to TS web page and create an account, then order/request parking. It is strongly suggested to phone 979-862-7275 for advice. • Spring new student admissions please contact Transportation Services about getting on a wait list for PA114, and to discuss how to obtain a parking permit for PA100 at Reed Arena.

  5. Transportation Services-Parking & Bus Stops

  6. Transportation Services-Parking & Bus Stops

  7. Transportation Services-Parking & Bus Stops • Additional lots that may be selected for wait list are 98, 18, 73, and 13. • Use the wait list only to establish a priority if you are unable to acquire a PA 114 permit. • July 15 is the cut off with TS to register for any lot. After this date the only lot you will be able to purchase is lot 100 at Reed Arena. You will be able to create a wait list though. • Anytime you contact TS be certain to identify yourself as an HSC-SRPH student. • Spring incoming students contact Transportation Services on parking.

  8. Final Comments • This concludes the brief presentation on parking and transit services provided from the Texas A&M Transportation Services (TS) Division. • Further inquiries on parking/bus transit can be made to Student Affairs or directly to TS at 979-862-PARK.