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2008 Compliance Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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2008 Compliance Workshop

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2008 Compliance Workshop
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2008 Compliance Workshop

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  1. 2008 Compliance Workshop “Compliance Road Show” Grand Hyatt Hotel San Antonio, Texas June 2, 2008


  3. Dates to Remember Recruiting Eligibility Legislation Finances Violations Championship Forms Medical Hardship Waivers Additional Information & Forms Compliance Overview & Forms

  4. Dates to Remember

  5. Dates to Remember • 2008-09 Compliance Calendar • 2008-09 Compliance Deadlines • Compliance Planner • 2008-09 MEAC Calendar of Events • 2008-09 MEAC Championship Entry Forms Due Dates • 2008-09 MEAC Schedule Submission Deadlines • NCAA Deadline Information

  6. MEETING DEADLINES • Need to disseminate calendar/deadlines to involved individuals, i.e. coaches, administrators, registrars, etc. to include FAR. • Need to set internal departmental deadlines to meet MEAC/NCAA deadlines. Take into account time of year (registration) and allow at least 3-5 days lead way to meet deadlines. • Send reminders to coaches regarding deadlines and penalties for not meeting deadlines.

  7. MEETING DEADLINES • You, the Compliance Coordinator, are responsible for submitting information unless otherwise noted. So check the calendar on a regular basis. • There are no surprise deadlines when you have a calendar. • Double check recruiting calendars before you sign off for recruiting visits. Ask coach to submit a copy of the calendar with paperwork.

  8. Recruiting

  9. Recruiting • Coaches Exam Administrator's Form • Recruiting Proposals • MEAC Recruiting Policy • Recruiting Calendars • 2009-10 National Letter of Intent Signing Dates • Transfer Student-Athlete Basic Policy • MEAC Policy on Intra-Conference Transfer Rule

  10. Coaches Exam Request • Submit NCAA Coaches Administrator’s Form via fax. This form will let me know which coaches are taking the exam. Therefore, it will let the conference office know to pull the results of the exam. • Encourage coaches to take test online. • If you give the hard copy of the test, you must print out a new test for each individual coach. (You CANNOT duplicate the same test!) – MEAC • If you give the hard copy of test, you must put the results online.

  11. Coaches Exam Request • My coach failed? Review with him/her the bylaws missed from the results. The results may not leave with the coach. • The coach cannot take the test no earlier than 30 days after taking the first test. • The 07-08 test is good until July 31st. • However, if a coach takes the 08-09 test and fails, they will not be able to recruit under the 07-08 exam.

  12. Recruiting • Please review Recruiting Proposals with your coaches before they go out recruiting if you haven’t already done so. • Make sure you give them this information when they are taking the Coaches Exam. • Review Recruiting Visit Policies with PSAs. • Recruiting Calendars – check before signing off on recruiting visits.

  13. National Letters of Intent • Make sure they are submitted to conference office within 21 days • Recommend Compliance Coordinator submit NLIs • Check to make sure form is filled out completely (i.e. date issued, sport, institution, birth date) • Only need to submit last page of NLI and Grant-in-aid form

  14. INTRA-CONFERENCE TRANSFER RULE General Rule – Sit two years in residence and lose two years of eligibility in all sports • If recruited and received athletic and/or institutional aid and has competed and/or practiced at a MEAC Institution; • Or if non-recruited and receives athletic aid and competed and/or practiced

  15. Eligibility

  16. Academic Requirements


  18. Eligibility Certification Form • Use CAi Eligibility Report • SUBMIT YOUR FORMS IN ON TIME! • Plan ahead when submitting addendums • Use student-athletes given name- No nicknames or middle names • Do not submit form without all signatures. • Failure to Submit = $150 per sport

  19. CAi Certification Form • Signatures must be as follows: 1. Registrar 2. Faculty Athletics Representative 3. Director of Athletics 4. Compliance Coordinator (Place signature and date at the top right of page)

  20. Mid-Year Certification • Submit Mid-Year Certification prior to the first day of classes. • Must be submitted before the first date of competition in the new academic year. • Plan ahead to submit after grades are submitted in the Fall Semester.

  21. What happens when someone is out of the office? • Did you plan ahead? Do you review the due dates with all involved to make a plan? • Who is authorized to sign when that person is out of the office? • Send a letter to the Commissioner stating who will be authorized to sign in their absence.

  22. NCAA Bylaw 14.01.1 • Institutional Responsibility – An institution shall not permit a student-athlete to represent it in intercollegiate athletics competition unless the student-athlete meets all applicable eligibility requirements, and the institution has certified the student-athlete’s eligibility.

  23. Therefore, • The Conference Office DOES NOT certify eligibility. • Eligibility Certification will be reviewed for errors and filed.


  25. Legislation • NCAA Legislation Adopted by the Board of Directors that are effective in 2008.


  27. Squad Lists • Must submit squad lists with signatures on the squad lists from the Athletic Director, Head Coach and Compliance Coordinator • Financial Aid Director must sign off on the final squad list that is submitted in June 15

  28. Squad Lists • SUBMIT FORMS ON TIME! • Submit according to Compliance Calendar; due the same day as eligibility certificates unless otherwise indicated • Submit updates with eligibility certification addendums (with signatures) • Send final squad list by June 15, 2008 • Need to use the Compliance Assistance Internet • Remember this is a working document. • Failure to submit = $100

  29. Special Assistance Fund • Read the reasons for request-are they appropriate? • $850 limit per student-athlete per year • $500 limit for travel • Expenses or actual economy airfare for family emergencies • Keep within your budget- 08-09 • Unused monies will be rolled-over to the following year

  30. SPECIAL ASSISTANCE FUND • Please review itemization sheet. • PLEASE MAKE SURE ITEMS THAT REQUIRE RECIEPTS ARE INCLUDED (I.E. MEDICAL, EMERGENCY AND COURSE SUPPLIES. • Make sure all signatures are on form • Make sure the form is complete.

  31. SPECIAL ASSISTANCE FUND NO SPORTS SPECIFIC ITEMS - i.e., running tights, spikes, golf shirts, golf gloves, practice clothes, etc. CLOTHING & SHOES ONLY - No groceries or supplies

  32. SPECIAL ASSISTANCE FUND • Travel for Emergency – Reimburse after travel with receipts • For mileage, use your institutional policy for mileage (i.e. $.30 a mile) • Keep all receipts on file • What if they do not return the receipts? Apply debt to student-athletes account.

  33. SPECIAL ASSISTANCE FUND • INTERNATIONAL STUDENT-ATHLETES – You must keep on file a written verification from the official foreign student entity of the institution outside of the department of athletics certifying demonstrated financial need.

  34. Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund

  35. Student Athlete Opportunity Fund • Submit SAOF Institutional Form to conference office by June 15, 2008.

  36. MEAC Drug Education Sub-Grant

  37. MEAC Drug Education Sub-Grant • $1000 per year is available to each institution • Can submit the application throughout the academic year until April 15, 2008 • Brief summary describing what the money will be used for must accompany the application


  39. SELF REPORT • Level I must be submitted directly to NCAA and copy to conference office • Level II must be submitted directly to the conference office • Please use NCAA Self-Report Form

  40. SELF REPORT • Refer to the Level II Secondary Penalty Schedule • You must use the minimum penalty. • Letter of Reprimand or Admonishment – You must submit a copy of the letters to the conference office.

  41. SELF REPORT • Institutional Response-What is your self imposed penalty? What measures did you put in place to prevent it from happening again. • Institutional control – Are you following the policies that you have put in place when you have an alleged violation.

  42. VIOLATIONS OF MEAC POLICY • Participation of an ineligible player • Submit to the Conference Office the contests in which the student-athlete(s) participated in. • Indicate whether the MEAC contest was a win/loss.

  43. INVESTIGATING VIOLATIONS • Document all investigations no matter how minor • Do you need to review/update your investigative policy for your institution

  44. INVESTIGATING VIOLATIONS • You should notify the conference office if you have determined that there is a possible violation in writing and that you are investigating it. Once your investigation is completed either submit a self-report or send a letter stating that it was determined that there was no violation.


  46. BANQUET FORMS • Check form to make sure travel/squad size is within limits • Banquet Form is always due with entry forms. • Please check to make sure that everyone is included (i.e. all coaches, trainers, administrators, etc.) while staying within the travel party • Event Entry forms are due the Friday before the Championships • Track & Field Event Entry Forms are done online and must be signed by the Compliance Coordinator

  47. BANQUET FORMS • Before you submit the form and/or before your coach leaves campus, please review form with coach to make sure everyone that should be included for the academic and senior recognition is on the form • We will not make last minute recognitions without the approval of the Compliance Coordinator

  48. Entry Forms • Check forms to make sure consistent with eligibility certification. If different send in form with corrections. • If your coaches complete the form, ask them to leave seasons of competition blank for you to complete • Check the forms before they leave your campus

  49. Entry & Event Entry Forms • Five (5) business days from due date, forms are submitted to Championships • All forms that are not rectified will not be submitted-forms with inconsistencies will not be submitted • FORMS ARE NOT OFFICIAL UNLESS THEY ARE SENT BY COMPLIANCE COORDINATOR