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Pertemuan 01 Interactive Multimedia

Pertemuan 01 Interactive Multimedia. Matakuliah : T0553/Sistem Multimedia Tahun : 2005 Versi : 5. Learning Outcomes. Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa akan mampu : Menguraikan Prinsip - Prinsip Dasar Multimedia Interaktif. Outline Materi. Definitions

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Pertemuan 01 Interactive Multimedia

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  1. Pertemuan 01Interactive Multimedia Matakuliah : T0553/Sistem Multimedia Tahun : 2005 Versi : 5

  2. Learning Outcomes Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa akan mampu : • Menguraikan Prinsip - Prinsip Dasar Multimedia Interaktif

  3. Outline Materi • Definitions • Interactive Multimedia • Using Multimedia • Multimedia Development • Multimedia Industry Structure • Multimedia Applications

  4. Definitions • Multi - (Latin) “multus” - numerous or many • Media - (Latin) “medium” - middle or center. More recently intermediary • Multimedia - “multiple intermediaries” or “multiple means”

  5. What is Multimedia • Multimedia is defined as an interactive computer-mediated presentation that includes at least two of the following elements: text, sound, still graphic images, motion graphics, and animation • Multimedia is the seamless integration of text, sound, images of all kinds and control software within a single digital information environment • Multimedia is The use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animation and sound in an integrated way • Multimedia is Multiple means by which information is stored, transmitted, presented, and perceived

  6. Media asset management Video Image Authoring Text Frameworks Audio Speech Tools Streaming video Virtual worlds Web pages Client-server Streaming audio The Big Picture Multimedia Systems Distributed MultimediaSystems Multimedia Network

  7. What is Interactive Multimedia • Interactive Multimedia is seamless digital integration of text, graphics, animation, audio, still images and motion video in a way that provides individual users with high levels of control and interaction • Interactive • Key feature of multimedia • User determines what content is delivered, when it is delivered and how • Non-linear

  8. Types of Presentations • Linear – plays from some start position to some end position with little or no intervention Just like this lecture • Hierarchical -user has choice, but topics can be divided into specific topics • Non linear Interactive multimedia allows the viewer to jump around the material by interacting with it-It has no enforced hierarchy– user can move freely. • Composite – incorporates parts of all the above methods

  9. Why Use Multimedia • Ease of use • Intuitive Interface • Immersive Experience • Self-Paced Interaction and Better Retention • Better Understanding of the Content • Cost Effectiveness • More Fun = Greater Efficiency

  10. Multimedia Development Input Output Process Present Save to a file Send across the network Apply effect filters and transforms Compress or decompress Convert between formats Capture from device Read from a file Receive over the network

  11. Multimedia Industry Structure Level 1 Content (Media) Level 2 Applications (Software) Level 3 Platforms (Hardware) Level 4 Networking

  12. Multimedia Industry Structure • Level 1 • Consists of Multimedia content providers, for example the news industry, the television industry and the entertainment industry. • Level 2 • Consists of multimedia application developers. • Applications include distance learning, desktop videoconferencing, multimedia kiosks, entertainment and imaging. • Level 3 • Consists of Multimedia platform builders. • These builders include Silicon Graphics, Sun, Intel, Apple, and other hardware vendors. • Level 4 • The network infrastructure • There are two very different networking environments that will use Multimedia applications: business networks and the emerging public networks.

  13. Multimedia Applications Types Corporate Functions Multimedia Applications Communications • Corporate Broadcasting • Executive Information Systems • Multimedia Conferencing • Employee Information Systems Training • Corporate Training • Sales Training • Just – In – Time Training • Distant Training Sales • Product Catalogs • Portable Multimedia Presentations • Merchandising Kiosk

  14. Multimedia Applications Types Corporate Functions Multimedia Applications Marketing • Design of TV Commercials • Interactive Advertising • Product Information Kiosks • Promotional Presentations • Customer Services • Virtual Reality Simulations Product Development • Reference Systems • Simulations • Product Visualizations • Design Advisors Manufacturing • Diagnostics • Equipment Maintenance • Testing Procedures

  15. Multimedia Applications Types Corporate Functions Multimedia Applications Administration • Multimedia File Sharing • Multimedia Databases • Document Imaging Home • Home Shopping • Home Banking Entertainment • Digital TV / Interactive TV and Video on Demand (VoD) • Video Phones • Video Conferencing • Online Interactive Transaction Services e.g. Booking Shows or Flights • Video Game • Mobile Multimedia

  16. Major Categories of Multimedia Application • Entertainment • Games: action and graphics • Action + storytelling • Physical coordination + mental outwitting • Education • Accommodates different learning styles: association vs. experimentation; auditory vs. visual • Provides feedback, levels of difficulty, evaluates skills, nonlinear presentations

  17. Major Categories of Multimedia Application • Corporate communications (marketing and training) • Attract attention to a message • Product catalogs, published magazines, touch-screen kiosks and online shopping • Stockholder's meeting, sales rep pitch, conference speaker, employee orientation and training • Reference • CD: encyclopedias, census data, directories, dictionaries

  18. Delivering Multimedia • Compact disc • Inexpensive, easy mass produce and distribute • Kiosk • Computer system to access info, perform transactions or play games • Convenience, reduces personnel costs, but expensive maintenance • Online • Web pages, product advertisement, demos,

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