the cold war and american society n.
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The Cold War and American Society PowerPoint Presentation
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The Cold War and American Society

The Cold War and American Society

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The Cold War and American Society

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  1. The Cold War and American Society Test Review

  2. Era of confrontation and competition between the United States and the Soviet Union which lasted from about 1946 to 1990.

  3. The Cold War

  4. Meeting where leaders agreed to recognize the Polish government that the Soviets set up.

  5. Yalta Conference

  6. This declaration asserted “the right of all people to choose the form of government under which they will live”

  7. Declaration of Liberated Europe.

  8. What powers controlled Germany after WWII? (four zones)

  9. Britain, France, U.S. and Soviet Union

  10. What city was also divided in Germany?

  11. Berlin

  12. The Communist countries of Eastern Europe came to be called ___________nations.

  13. satellite

  14. This is what Winston Churchill called the division between the Communist nations of Eastern Europe and the West.

  15. The Iron Curtain.

  16. This meeting took place in July 1945 to work out a deal on Germany. The Soviets were convinced that they needed reparations from Germany.

  17. Potsdam Conference.

  18. Cable message sent by George Kennan about his views of the Soviet’s goals.

  19. The Long Telegram

  20. Keeping communism within its present territory through the use of diplomatic, economic, and military actions.

  21. containment

  22. Economic aid given to Turkey and Greece to prevent the spread of communism there.

  23. The Truman Doctrine

  24. $12 billion was given in U.S. aid to rebuild European countries after WWII.

  25. The Marshall Plan

  26. For 11 months the U.S. sent food, medicine, and coal to West Berlin.

  27. The Berlin Airlift

  28. A time when rumors and accusations of Communists in the United States and of Communist infiltration of the government.

  29. What is the Red Scare?

  30. Efforts to secretly weaken a society and overthrow its government.

  31. What is Subversion?

  32. Established by President Truman in 1947, this program was intended to screen all federal employees.

  33. What is the Loyalty Review Program?

  34. This was formed in 1938 to investigate both Communist and Fascist activities in the United States.

  35. What is HUAC?House Un-American Activities Committee.?

  36. The FBI director who encouraged HUAC to hold public hearings on Communist subversion.

  37. Who is J. Edgar Hoover?

  38. Time editor and former Communist Party member who testified that several government officials were also former Communists or spies.

  39. Who is Whittaker Chambers?

  40. Government official who was accused of taking secret documents from the State Department.

  41. Who is Alger Hiss?

  42. What crime was Alger Hiss found guilty of?

  43. What is perjury?

  44. Married couple accused and convicted of heading a Communist spy ring.

  45. Who are the Rosenbergs?

  46. The project where American cryptographers were able to crack the Soviet spy code of the time, enabling them to read approximately 3,000 messages between Moscow and the United States collected during the Cold War.

  47. What was “Project Venona”?

  48. What organizations at the state and local level began their own efforts to find Communists?

  49. What are local governments, churches, universities, and unions?

  50. Screenwriters who were called to testify before HUAC who used their 5th Amendment right to protect themselves from self-incrimination, and refused to testify.