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MDE Assessment Office Updates

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MDE Assessment Office Updates

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MDE Assessment Office Updates

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  1. MDE Assessment Office Updates WIDA Assessment Updates February 13, 2019

  2. Presenters • Jennifer Paul, EL & Accessibility Assessment Specialist

  3. WIDA Basics – Newly Enrolling Students • All newly enrolling students whose answers to the Home Language Survey are yes/yes must be screened to determine if English language services are needed. • This is a federally required process. • Students must be screened during the summative WIDA ACCESS for ELLs window. • Michigan uses the following screening tools: • Kindergarten WIDA ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT) • WIDA Screener

  4. WIDA Basics Cont. • Screen students and then review the Entrance & Exit Protocol. • Make a list of which students meet the criteria. • Give that list to your pupil accounting staff.

  5. Summative WIDA Assessment ALL students who are ELs must be assessed annually until they achieve the Exit criteria (federally required by ESSA) • WIDA ACCESS for ELLs • WIDA Alternate ACCESS for ELLs • English language proficiency assessment for students who are ELs with significant cognitive disabilities

  6. Assessment Basics • All of these tests assess students skills in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. • Kindergarten W-APT is paper/pencil • Alternate ACCESS for ELLs is paper/pencil • ACCESS for ELLs grades 1-3 tests Writing via paper/pencil

  7. Are there accommodations? • Yes! • Universal Tools & Accommodations • No Designated Supports • Universal Tools: Available to all/any students • Accommodations: Available to students with disabilities (accommodation required by IEP) and students with 504 Plans

  8. Your Responsibilities • Point person for communication • Ensuring staff are trained and have appropriate WIDA certificates • Obtaining/receiving needed assessment materials and reports • Applying for WIDA Test Exceptions • Ensuring staff have appropriate accounts • Working with appropriate staff for activities such as technology setup, pupil accounting, etc. • Ensuring proficient students are exited.

  9. Your Initial To Do List • Sign up for the weekly Spotlight • Read the New Assessment Coordinator Primer • Get identified as the District EL Assessment Coordinator in EEM • Get your WIDA Secure Portal account • Get correct OEAA Secure Site account access • Get your WIDA AMS account • Read the WIDA Screener & K W-APT Policy Manual Three different logins

  10. Why all these accounts? • WIDA Secure Portal Account • Access to Training modules and WIDA Training Certificate • Access to some assessment materials (ex. W-APT) • OEAA Secure Site • Identifying students for testing • Access to assessment scores and some reports • Access to other important testing activities (Test Exceptions, Not Tested, etc.) • WIDA AMS • Access to assessment reports • Access to activities such as placing students in test sessions, printing test tickets, etc.

  11. Who Are Your People? • Who updates EEM? • Who manages OEAA Secure Site access? • Who is your technology coordinator? • Who is your pupil accounting staff?

  12. WIDA Important Dates • Initial Ordering/Pre-ID – 12/11 – 12/27 • WIDA Test Exceptions/False EL – 12/11 - TBD • Materials Arrival – 1/29 • Additional Orders – 1/29 • WIDA Test Window – 2/4 – 3/22

  13. Initial Material Ordering & Pre-ID • Your opportunity to order: • Braille • Enlarged print • Identify students who need paper/pencil materials for students who are recent arrivals or have an accommodation requiring paper/pencil • Identify students to take Tier T (WIDA Alternate ACCESS for ELLs)

  14. Initial Material Ordering & Pre-ID Cont. • Review the pre-id list MDE provides. • ONLY remove students who have left the district. • ADD students who arrived after count day. • Completing these tasks by 12/27 ensures: • Students who are no longer in your district do not show up in WIDA AMS for your district. • You know who you’re supposed to test when the window opens on 2/4. • Aforementioned materials for students who may need them arrive prior to the testing window and you’re not stressed trying to place an additional order.

  15. Post Test Verification Windows • Verification of Enrollment • Accountable Students & Test Verification • Students Not Tested • Review this information! These windows provide you with the ONLY opportunity to correct things like: • Missing tests • Incorrect student information (Julia is really Julio) • Provide reasons for why students may not have tested

  16. Where do I find WIDA reports? • WIDA Screener Reports • Once scores are entered into the OEAA Secure Site you can print Individual Student Reports and Roster Reports • From WIDA AMS you can print Individual Student Reports • Put the report in the student’s CA60 or permanent record file

  17. Where do I find WIDA reports? • Reports can only be found in WIDA AMS and in hard copy form (1 set shipped to districts) • A Downloadable Student Data File is available in the OEAA Secure Site • MiLearn

  18. What kind of scores will I get on these reports? • Let’s take a look at an example! • The WIDA Interpretive Guide for Score Reports provides explanations and examples.

  19. Statewide WIDA ACCESS for ELLs Scores •

  20. Where do I look for more information? • • • Michigan Checklist • Test Administration Manual • WIDA AMS User Guide • WIDA Important Dates

  21. Why can’t I do what the directions told me to do? • Perhaps you don’t have the correct permission in the system. • Or, perhaps you are reading consortium material and not Michigan specific information. • Michigan Checklist and Michigan Specific Test Administration Manual are must haves.

  22. Who you gonna call? Jen Paul! As a last resort But please send me an e-mail