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Mission Joplin

Mission Joplin

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Mission Joplin

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  1. Mission Joplin Bringing a cup of cold water to those in need.

  2. What we saw when we arrived…

  3. Hope High School – destroyed.

  4. It will take two years to rebuild the school. The students are now meeting in vacant stores and shops in the mall.

  5. A two story apartment complex – destroyed. Those are new power poles and lines. All the old ones were snapped off and hurled into the air – some as far as a mile away.

  6. Notice all the trees – their limbs torn from the trunks and yet green leaves are re-appearing.

  7. The power of the wind – twisted I-Beams of a big sign.

  8. This car was potentially hurled a mile from its original location – still unclaimed

  9. This 10 story hospital – destroyed. Reports that it was moved off its foundation by the winds

  10. This area was once occupied by over 7000 homes and businesses.

  11. Family Worship Center and a number of other churches have become distribution and help sites for the displaced.

  12. This is the FREE store located in Family Worship Center sanctuary. Everything from food to clothing is available – free of charge. Dave and Phyllis Kayla Karrie

  13. The house we worked on. The 2 x 2 closet a family of 5 hid in for 35 minutes while the storm ripped off their roof.

  14. Clarke(from San Antonio) and Jeremy working on the ceiling in LVR

  15. Pastor Roger and Alyssa

  16. The dumpster – FULL – with roofing, drywall and other trashAlyssa and other teens from Michigan. Notice the house across the street with NO DAMAGE!

  17. It was painful to leave feeling we had done so little in our eyes. The homeowner for whom we worked was so thankful and we realized as we traveled home that though we felt like we done little, in the lives of this family we had done much more than we could have imagined.In the words of the little boy who lived there and stood in a closet with his family during the storm – “I have a room again!”So, in the name of Jesus we worked, we laughed and we shared the love of Jesus.Thanks to our church family who graciously enabled us to give away $1000 in gift cards, provided transportation and prayed over us before and during our trip. We thank God for our family.Please pray for the city of Joplin as they continue to rebuild homes and lives after this horrific storm that devastated over 7000 homes a businesses.

  18. The Team