the innovative bed liner system n.
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The Innovative Bed Liner System PowerPoint Presentation
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The Innovative Bed Liner System

The Innovative Bed Liner System

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The Innovative Bed Liner System

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  1. The Innovative Bed Liner System

  2. The Rhino Linings System is a trendsetting lining technology for a variety of bed liners. The system consists of the following components: A 2-component mixing and processing system of various types, lining materials, and technical application support from the Rhino Linings partners. The Rhino Linings System is used worldwide, and is successfully used in many different areas (automobiles, buildings, other industrial applications), to protect against corrosion/abrasion. Rhino Linings’20+ years of experience in polyurethane processing in addition to numerous patents make the Rhino Linings dealer a competent partner for technically high-quality, environmentally sound bed liners.

  3. Sled Prototype Pick-Up Bed Tuff Stuff Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff: the universal 2-K-Polyurethane lining. Tuff Stuff can be used on all common surfaces with many different types of subsurfaces and provides optimal protection against corrosion, surface abrasion, and weather and environmental influences. The homogenous Tuff Stuff lining is environmentally friendly (no solvents/CHCs), easy to clean (hygienically approved for foodstuffs) and easy to apply (spray process). The surface can be applied in smooth or textured finishes (non-slip) and matched to any desired color. Station Wagon Bed

  4. Bed of a flat-bed trailer Feed Hopper for a Conveyor Durabond Rhino Linings Durabond is[t] a highly wear-resistant 2-K-Polyurethane lining. Durabond is used as a protective lining against surface abrasion on metal and wooden surfaces in automotive manufacturing and for industrial applications. Dump Truck Bed

  5. Container Interior Filter Casing Hi-Chem Rhino Linings Hi-Chem highly chemically –resistant 2-K-Polyurethane lining. Hi-Chem is used as a protective lining against corrosion and surface abrasion of metal and concrete surfaces. Electroplating Tub

  6. Composition of Rhino Linings’ Protective Lining • UV Top coat Protects the polyurethane lining against discoloring and fading, facilitates easy cleaning. Use: ca. 100 g/m² • Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff, Durabond, Hi-Chem Protective lining used against corrosion, surface abrasion and/or for surface improvement. Lining thickness: min. 3 mm • Rhino Linings Primer 251 Optimal adhesion of the lining onto the substrate. Use: ca 80-100 g/m² • Substrate (metal, wood, concrete, epoxy-glass resin, etc.) Surface: roughened, free of grease, dry, and load-supporting.

  7. All-over lining of a van Spraying on the protective coating Processing of Rhino Linings The Rhino Linings protective lining is applied by a spray-on process. The solvent-free polyurethane mixture is sprayed on by means of dry compressed air. This process allows for a seamless coating on all types of surface shapes. The high flexibilitity and elasticity of the protective lining allows for a seamless lining of large areas and a homogenous all-over lining (floors, walls, ceilings) of interior spaces and automobile bodies. Expansion joint in a concrete floor

  8. Sanded Tail-lift Gate Textured Surface Types of Surfaces The lining sufaces may be applied per requirements in “matte,” “textured,” or “sanded” finishes. For “textured” surfaces, one can choose a grade from “fine” to “coarse.” As a sanding material, copper slag, quartz sand, corundum, or rubber granules are used for slip resistance, per requirements. A variety of colors is obtainable through the use of intermixable pigments. To further increase weather and light resistance, sealing with a UV top coat is possible. Matte Protective Lining