know every thing about lifting magnates n.
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Know Every Thing Lifting Magnate PowerPoint Presentation
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Know Every Thing Lifting Magnate

Know Every Thing Lifting Magnate

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Know Every Thing Lifting Magnate

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  1. Know Every Thing About Lifting Magnates

  2. About Lifting Magnates In these days, lifting magnateis most popular in industrial areas. This is mostly use for lifting up all types of heavy equipments. You can get these magnates in two types, electrical and non electrical. These magnates are available in market with different shapes like as scrap, circular and rectangular. Thisis very easy to operate.

  3. Advantage Of Lifting Magnate Moving ferromagnetic materials Safe working load Very heavy load

  4. Moving ferromagnetic materials A lifting magnet can attach to the top of its load, which requires less hands-on involvement and reduces damage to the material

  5. 2. Safe working load This kind of equipment is much more portable than EM mechanisms because they are more compact and do not require electricity

  6. 3. Very heavy load These require continuous power in the form of a direct current to generate an EM field and maintain the attractive force. If the electric current is interrupted, any load being hoisted would be released

  7. Types Of Lifting Magnets Scrap Lifting Magnet Circular Lifting Magnet Rectangular Lifting Magnet

  8. Scrap Lifting Magnet This scrap magnet is found with a rugged ribbed case, heavy manganese steel bottom plate, welded watertight construction and tough alloy steel chains for maximum durability. Ideal for foundries, scrap yards, steel warehouses, slag reclamation and fabrication shops.

  9. Circular Lifting Magnet This is designed for the steel and slag industries. Found in mills of steel, foundry, slag processing, and scrap for various applications, this maximizes lift-to-weight ratio without sacrificing strength and durability

  10. Rectangular Lifting Magnet This is mostly used in steel warehouses, shipyards, fabricators, and metal working plants. It is found in three types i.e. tri-polar magnet, bi-polar magnet and railroad magnet. Out of three types tri-polar is great for unloading rail cars.

  11. If you have any requirement or need any other information related to lifting magnets then please contact with us on below detail:- Tel (360) 647 – 8438 Toll-Free(800) 965 – 4968 Fax(360) 539 -1850 E-mailsales@armsmag.comAddress700 Sunset Pond Lane, Suite #4 Bellingham, WA 98226 Website:-