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lawn weed control MO PowerPoint Presentation
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lawn weed control MO

lawn weed control MO

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lawn weed control MO

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  1. WELCOME Turfsolutions PO Box 992 Lees Summit, MO 64063 Lee's Summit, MO - 64063 (816) 524-9393 US

  2. Learn exactly about Lee’s Summit lawn care, mowing and fertilizing Lawns are a great asset to every home. It attracts warmth, extravaganza and leisure outlook to the house. A house with a lawn not only adds gorgeous beauty but pride to the residents. It is mandatory to know about the maintenance of the green carpet. Though it seems easy to learn in caring for your lawn enumerable steps are to be followed. This is made possible when one works along with the professional lawn care takers. The highly skilled professionals maintain stringent measures in providing the quality lawn with advance services as well. The Lee’s Summit lawn care technicians have opportunity to work at various levels and strategy. Thus working across the board helps them to work with qualified perfections and dedication. The method of professionalism grading is applied. The program is categorized for easy and perfect handling of the lawn. They are lawn caring, lawn mowing and lawn fertilizing.

  3. Lawn fertilizing The Lee’s Summit lawn care evolves personal attention and touch. The fully guaranteed program initiates fertilization enabling products to strengthen the roots to grow healthier. This advocates healthier, lush and greener lawn. Insect problems and diseases are prevented by following this method. The nature advanced phenomena of caring the lawn not only advocates healthy green program but saves your cost in maintaining the lawn. The highlighted features of the lawn caring program are as follows. • Adequate care is provided at the right time. The companies summons the number of visits in caring the lawn. It normally includes six or seven visits. • Weed control is done at regular intervals. • The works are clubbed for early result. Insect control and treating with grub is done.

  4. The technician carries out a pre-application visit to provide the lawn with necessary products. This includes pre and post emergent control system as well. • The other periodic treatments include fungicide treatment, disease control, lime treatment and finally with fertilizer too. Lees’ summit lawn care gives their best work to make your lawn look green and well maintained. Building the outdoor of a home with perfection is a great quality service. The lawn moving includes the following. • Ensuring weekly mowing of the lawn to protect it from heat waves. Mowing the lawn during the heat waves is bad for the lawn. • Well disciplined, trained and dedicated professionals carry out the mowing along the drive, house. The edges are also trimmed. • The entire area is given a defined look by blowing the grass clipping that spreads on the driveways. Patios and other places.

  5. Lawn Care Lee’s Summit lawn care ensures guaranteed service programs. Quality and quantity are spinned. Reasonable effort is undertaken to fulfill the needs of the customers. The results are guaranteed. Concerns are rectified at each step. The lawn application methods are structured in such a manner to provide a healthy appearance and total improvement. Friendly and approachable natured professionals with abundant training are working and caring your lawns.

  6. THANK YOU Turfsolutions PO Box 992 Lees Summit, MO 64063 Lee's Summit, MO - 64063 (816) 524-9393 US