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Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology

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Industrial Technology

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  1. Industrial Technology Syllabus Course Outline Mr. Robert Shank

  2. Goals • Develop problem solving skills. • Become independent thinkers. • Demonstrate the safe use of hand and power tools. • Embrace Lifelong Learning Skills and have fun in accomplishing it. • Develop skills in the importance of practicing good safety habits. • Learn about Technology and how it affects their future. • Develop confidence in themselves. Learn the importance of Teamwork.

  3. Eighth Grade • Eighth grade students will take Industrial Technology each day for 12 weeks. Students will experience the use of CNC Machines to manufacture projects. Projects will include materials made from wood, metal or plastic.Students will develop skills in the safe operation of Hand Tools and Power Tools. Student will design and create a project using the Laser Engraver. All students will explore some of the latest Technology using the following Labs: Biotechnology, CAD, Electricity and Electronics, Model Airplane Design. From some of these experiences possible career paths could develop.

  4. Seventh Grade • Seventh Graders will take Industrial Arts each day for 12 weeks. Students will develop a Mass Production Project that teaches the importance of the Manufacturing Industry. All students will develop a knowledge of safety and the importance of practicing good safety habits, in their everyday life. A first hand look into the importance of teamwork is emphasized in the completion of their projects. Projects are constructed from wood and metal. Student will see first hand how machines and computers work together to speed up the process of manufacturing.

  5. Sixth Grade • Sixth graders will take Industrial Arts each day for 12 weeks. Sixth grade students will practice good safety habits. Students will construct projects made from wood, metal and plastic. Students will be introduced to the CNC Router to assist them in building their project. All sixth graders will use the Laser Engraver to engrave their name.

  6. Grading/Rubric • The teacher will evaluate all student work. Grades will be based on the ability and effort that each student demonstrates during each project and test scores. • Students will be evaluated on the safe use of machines. • Students will be required to take safety tests on machines, based on grade level.

  7. Topic Three • Details about this topic • Supporting information and examples • How it relates to your audience

  8. Real Life • Give an example or real life anecdote • Sympathize with the audience’s situation if appropriate

  9. What This Means • Add a strong statement that summarizes how you feel or think about this topic • Summarize key points you want your audience to remember

  10. Next Steps • Summarize any actions required of your audience • Summarize any follow up action items required of you