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How to Pair Your Mobile with Roku?

Pair your mobile to Roku TV is easy way to share videos, music or photos stored on your smartphone or computer on your TV

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How to Pair Your Mobile with Roku?

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  1. How to Pair Your Mobile with Roku? Activate Roku Streaming Code Visit On Our Website: Contact Number: 6092322932

  2. Are you looking for an easy way to share videos, music or photos stored on your smartphone or computer on your TV? Do you also have a Roku? If so, you’re lucky. The Roku 3, the Roku Streaming Stick and, now, the new Roku 2 Support Screen Mirror (2015 model). This allows Android and Windows users to easily copy the contents of their smartphone or PC to their TV. This is what you need to know to pair your mobile with Roku:

  3. You must first enable screen duplication on your Roku device. This can be done by clicking on > Settings in the left navigation bar and then on Screen Mirroring.

  4. On Android Before you pair your mobile with Roku, make sure that your Android device is running version 4.4.2 or later. You can verify this by going to Settings and clicking on About. Your device must also be connected to the same network as your Roku. You can check the network to which your Roku is connected in the network section of the configuration menu.

  5. To start mirroring on a standard Android device, go to Settings, click View, and then click Cast Screen. Then press the Menu button in the upper right corner of the screen and select the Enable Wireless Display checkbox. Your Roku should now appear in the Cast Screen section. Roku Activation | Roku Activation Code

  6. If it does not appear, return to the settings and reopen the broadcast screen. Once your box or Roku stick appears on the screen, tap to connect. Now everything you see on your mobile device exactly matches what will be displayed on your TV.

  7. The method is slightly different on Samsung, HTC, LG and other Android devices. For example, on the Galaxy S5, you’ll find the Screen Mirroring option in the Connect and Share section of the settings menu. On other Android devices, you should find a screen mirroring option in the Settings menu or the View subset, as long as the device uses Android 4.4.2 or later. Roku Code Link | Roku Link Code Activation

  8. Some Android apps such as Netflix, HBO Go, and YouTube can also be projected on your screen, much like Chromecast does. Just tap the distribution icon in the top right corner of compatible apps and select your Roku case or stick.

  9. On Windows 8.1 devices The screen sharing feature of Roku is also compatible with Windows 8.1 tablets and computers. To configure it, go to Settings, click PC and Devices, then Devices, and then Add Device. When your Roku appears in the drop-down menu, tap to connect.

  10. On Windows Phone Only Windows Phone devices, such as the Nokia Lumia 1520 and HTC One M8 Windows Phone Edition, support Miracast, the standard used by Roku for screen sharing. On a compatible device, go to Settings, scroll to Project My Screen, and select your Roku device to start screen sharing.

  11. Mirroring an iPhone/iPad is never easy compared to mirroring an Android due to restrictions imposed by Apple. In addition, the many existing applications work to broadcast the screen of an iPhone / iPad on the PC but not on a television. Indeed, even if some applications in the App Store support the broadcast on a television, the latter requires the use of Apple TV. Because of these restrictions, Roku started to launch his brand. 

  12. So, you can connect an iPad to Roku and broadcast it on a television. If you’ve downloaded a movie to your mobile device and would like to watch it later as a family, Roku is the best choice for mirroring iPhone on Roku TV. Aside from that, instead of spending all your money on a Wii U or PS4, you can just download a game to your iPhone and play it on your TV.

  13. Detailed Guide to Mirror an iPhone/iPad on Roku Given all the reasons why you need to think about your iPhone or iPad on a television, we took the example of an iPhone to explain the steps to follow. So, here is a detailed guide to help you connect an iPhone to Roku.

  14. To get started, go to “Network” and connect your Roku to the same WI-FI connection where the iPhone is already connected. After that, set up your Roku Play device. Go to “Parameter” and select “System”. Then click on “System Update” to check if your device has the latest version of the system. If it is not yet the case, you must update it.

  15. When done, go back to “System”, choose “Mirror Screen” and enable these mirroring features. • After setting up the Roku Play device, now is the time to broadcast an iPhone on Roku. • Go to the App Store, download the Roku app and then launch it on your device. • Log in to Roku using your credentials, then connect your TV using the app. • Click “Launch on Roku” to begin mirroring the iPhone on the TV. Start displaying whatever you want on the TV screen. • You can choose videos, pictures, movies or games. Now, you and everyone in your family can watch the contents of your phone on the TV.

  16. Problems Encountered When Broadcasting a Screen Since Roku is a newly developed technical product in terms of broadcast on a TV screen, you might encounter problems. But there are certainly possibilities to improve them. • You can see that it takes a lot of time to play a video. At this point, wait for it and do not panic. • You may also find a certain gap between the visuals and the audio of the video you are broadcasting.

  17. It may also happen that the mirror function stops during its use. In this case, check if the screen display is still active or disabled. It also happens that the broadcast is between the iPad and Roku. Just turn it off and repeat the above steps.

  18. If you still cannot use Roku to mirror your device on the TV, you also have the A power Mirror app. First, download the application to your computer, then connect your iPad / iPhone using AirPlay with the assurance that both devices are connected under the same WI-FI network.

  19. Finally, mirror the phone screen on the PC. Secondly, use an HDMI cable to connect your PC to the TV and broadcast the contents of it on the TV. Even if this method is a bit difficult, we admit that it works just as well to broadcast an iPhone on the TV. If still, you are not able to pair your Roku to the mobile device then contact us.

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