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How to Avoid the Common Mistakes Done While App Development PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Avoid the Common Mistakes Done While App Development

How to Avoid the Common Mistakes Done While App Development

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How to Avoid the Common Mistakes Done While App Development

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Overview • If you know developing and if you are very much into using lot of different amazing apps having stunning features • Then you might have surely thought of building an app • As pioneers in the mobile app development we are familiar lot of different mistakes that we have made during our app development • Let’s have a look into all the different things which you should keep in mind while developing an app or a game and also • Make sure that you don’t make mistakes like this.

  2. Starting the Project without doing the analysis of it • It would be a very bad idea to launch an app without doing the necessary analysis on it. • It is important that you do the analysis form the start itself in order to avoid any possible trouble in the future. • Use some tools to measure the activity in your app like the Active users, Rate of retention, app crashes, Avg time spent daily within the app. • This will be a very good method to understand the amount of engagement your app is having.

  3. Know that the mobile apps are different from Websites • The Websites can be universally used in any devices and most of the times it is much cheaper to use than apps • But the apps can offer a wide range of attractive advantages over the Websites as it can offer much better customization of the UI • Also provide the usage without the net connection which is not possible with the websites. • So before starting to build an app it is important to see that your apps provide all the advantages which the websites won’t be providing with.

  4. Think of a good flow for your app • It is important to plan a user friendly flow for your app before you start designing it. • Whether the app is simple or complex it requires a perfect work flow to have a better navigational structure. • Keep in mind that you have to put all the functional keys and features clearly visible to the user like in the top or center. • The bottom side or corners are less preferred for the important features in an app.

  5. Not managing the work properly • It is very important that you know how to manage the work of your app • It would be better to hire a top mobile app development company for your app. • While managing the app development process it will help you in saving more time and reducing the cost of development.

  6. Choose the platform for the development wisely • The iOS and the Android are the most leading mobile app development platform together having millions of apps in it • But the android platform is having impressively larger market share than the iOS. • But the developers see a much more life time revenue for the iOS apps in comparison with the Android. • So it is important to consider and study these markets and know your choices before choosing the platform for the app you are going to build.

  7. Never forget to create a marketing plan • You must start the marketing of you app as early as possible because sometimes even the well-built apps are demoted when they fail to do a proper marketing plan • You must not wait for the app to be submitted to the App Store to start your marketing plan • Try to make maximum people aware through various social media sites and other app marketing strategies

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