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WHY RENTAL. Students say that price is the primary consideration for where they shop. April 2009 Synovate Survey Question: Please tell us what is the one most important factor when selecting a retailer for your textbook purchase?.

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  2. Students say that price is the primary consideration for where they shop. April 2009 Synovate Survey Question: Please tell us what is the one most important factor when selecting a retailer for your textbook purchase? Florida Gulf Coast University Bookstore | Follett Higher Education Group


  4. SAMPLE RENTAL PRICING Rental Fee = 49%* of New Book Price(*National assortment average price savings) Example: New Price = $100.00 Used Price = $75.00 Rental Price =$49.00 Non-Return Charge Example: Non-Return Charge (75%) = $75.00 Processing Fee (7.5%) = $ 7.50 Total cost of a non-return text (127.5%) = $131.50

  5. RESULTS • 453 Unique titles eligible for rent Fall 2010 • 37% titles adopted • FGCU students rented 6,759 textbooks this fall • Rental titles represent 14% of all textbooks sold • 52% of rental titles sold through our online store $302,097 FGCU Students saved…

  6. Rental Comparison % of units sold Florida Gulf Coast University: 14.0% University of Florida: 11.7% Florida State University: 13.8% University of North Florida: 15.4% University of West Florida: 14.8%

  7. Faculty Support Rental Option Rent-a-Text.com National list Author, title, isbn search Multi-term Adoptions Local rental titles Bookstore team

  8. Course Material Evolution

  9. Collaborative Learning with CaféScribe

  10. Digital Textbooks:Trends & Statistics • Digital course materials usage will beinfluenced by the following: • Pricing • Availability of content • Advances in technology • Intensified focus on student outcomes • Growth of online learning • Rise in open educational resources • Portability, mobility, and devices

  11. Follett’s Digital Mission: “…to explore strategies for reducing student costs while ensuring quality of instructional material and protecting faculty's role in selecting effective textbooks/instructional resources…”

  12. Reader Devices • Follett encourages partners to ask four key questions as they consider reader devices: • Do readers support the unique content critical to teaching and learning such as graphs, charts, photographs, and 4 color illustrations? • Do readers offer a wide variety of academic content? • Do readers offer students value, given their price points ($300 to $500) and the single purpose nature of the device? • Do readers encourage the interactions of various teaching technologies and leverage student and campus investment in new ways of learning? *If you are interested in more information, we can provide Follett’s recent white paper on this topic.

  13. Follett and CaféScribe • CAFÉSCRIBE • Founded in 2004 and acquired by Follett in 2007, built a high quality ebook reader combined with unique collaboration methods and personalization opportunities. • Innovative learning tool • Exceptional product team • Learning effectiveness is at the center of product development • Forward thinking, digital tool aiding in teaching effectiveness. • FOLLETT • Founded in 1873, one of the largest distributors of course materials in the US • Serves over 5,000,000 students and 450,000 faculty (0ver 40% of college stores • Translates into deep knowledge of 880 campus communities • Established, significant resources, support, and commitment to marketplace.

  14. Follett’s Vision of the Future • The digital textbook becomes a connection between new and next generation products focused on improving the teaching and learning experience. • Assessment Tools • Homework Managers • Authoring Tools • Learning Management Systems • Open source experiments are flourishing • CaféScribe will continue to support the interoperability between all products and systems.

  15. What is CaféScribe? • CAFÉSCRIBE.COM • Establish profile • Purchase and download content • Create groups,link to others • Download free myscribe ereader • MYSCRIBE EREADER • Free software • Read • Highlight • Make notes • View shared information • Robust search • Read aloud MyScribe

  16. Content Options • Offer more textbooks for sale than any other digital provider, over 10,000 titles, and growing every day • Preserve faculty choice by offering a wide variety of content from over 50 publishing partners • Provide one platform for multiple publishers which makes it easy for students and faculty to learn to use • Offer custom publishing opportunities for faculty created content, providing an electronic distribution mechanism that provides more profit for the creator and a lower price for the student

  17. Interact Social networking with an academic purposeConnect to students and colleagues, near and farIncrease visibility into student time on taskBuild a community of learners

  18. Integrate Pagination corresponding to print book Communicate with robust tools Work within your LMS Add comments and context Post additional resources to enrich the text Insert discussion questions, comments, and links Use from one semester to the next; once purchased, no expiration

  19. Innovate Use CaféScribe as a platform for self-publishingConnect your students with subject matter expertsCreate hybrid study groups – blended learners and online learners in one group

  20. CaféScribe Works withYour Campus Ecosystem Easy to use and scalable Promotes student outcomes; supports retention goals Provides a single source for content, transactions, and customer service Helps faculty meet pedagogical goals without adding burden to workflow Conserves resources and preserves faculty choice Provides a consistent student and faculty experience, reducing learning curve and training time Technical support and customer service provided by Follett Integrates easily with your existing technologies, extending the value of those investments at no additional cost to the institution Enterprise quality software owned and backed by Follett, a reliable and trusted trading partner

  21. CaféScribe Helps Professor Adams Incorporate the years of additional materials into her class that she has accumulated over the past 10 years. Reach out to her students who work while attending school. It makes it easier for them to seek extra help if they need it. Encourage her students to learn not just from her, but from each other, through the study groups she has put together. Connect her mentor, a subject matter expert, with her students. They have access to an invaluable resource. Utilize her LMS even more than she had been able to before. Plus, it’s easy to share materials and additional information with both her face-to-face and online students. Check in with the different study groups set up for her class. She is able to touch base with them using CaféScribe’s messaging system.

  22. What do students like about CaféScribe? • Savings: 40-60% less than new • Easy to use: intuitive and comfortable • Convenience: may be used on multiple computers with no heavy books to carry around • Trial opportunity: seven days free • Ownership: materials never expire

  23. Groups in CaféScribe • Students within a particular course • Students within a particular section • TAs or instructorsteaching with thesame text • Affinity groups

  24. Insert notes into course materials to drive student engagement and increase time on task Annotations appear inline Annotations may be public or private Create custom highlighting colors 27

  25. Convenient Bookshelf Available On and Off-line

  26. Integration into your LMS • Links to chapters appear under the content section • Students click on the chapter link to launch the digital textbook and go to the assigned location in the book

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