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  1. Design Presentation -Senior Project- MOSS

  2. MOSS Server System 1. MOSS Application 2. Email Server 3. Email Client SIU-E Code Cop System 1. SIU-E Code Cop Application 2. FTP Drop Box 3. WEB Server (IIS) 4. Database (Access2000) 5. Zip, Tar, UUEncode, UUDecode 6. Email Client 7. Email Server INTERNET From School 1. IE5 From Home 1. IE5 System Overview MOSS

  3. Main Interfaces Element Functions Interface Storage Mail Server MS Drive Mapping MS Internet Information Server SIU-E Code Cop Computer Code Cop Application Mail Client File I/O CC Login.ASP JVM ZIP Engine MS Access DB SQL I/O JET DB Engine Internet Storage MS Internet Information Server SIU-E Student Drop Box MS Drive Mapping FTP Drop Box Login Storage Mail Server MOSS UUE Mail Client MOSS Application Storage IE5 / Netscape SIU-E Users MOSS

  4. Code Cop User Interfaces • Four Main User Interfaces • Login Page • Instructor Menu • Student Menu • Administrator Menu MOSS

  5. Login

  6. Login Inputs Data Item Source Type Description User Name Operator External The CCS user name. Password Operator External The password associated with the user name. Login Operator External Log into the CCS selection. Login Inputs MOSS

  7. Login Processing • Display the Login page as the CCS initial web page. • Allow user to enter a user name and password. • Perform the following process when Login is selected. • a. Verify the validity of the UserName and Password fields from the CodeCopDB. • b. If a valid user name and password has been entered then check the user privilege level from the CodeCopDB. • c. If the user has only administrator privileges then display the administrator page. • d. If the user has only instructor privileges then display the instructor page. • e. If the user has only student level privileges then display the student page. • f. If the user has administrator privileges and instructor privileges then display the instructor page which will dynamically display a link to the administrator menu. • g. If the validity of the user name and and password can not be verified, then the login page will display an error message. MOSS

  8. Data Item Destination Type Description Administrator.asp Browser Internal Administrator home page. Instructor.asp Browser Internal Instructor home page. Student.asp Browser Internal Student home page. Login.asp Browser Internal Login page with error message. Login Outputs MOSS

  9. Administrator

  10. Instructor

  11. Student

  12. System Modularity Web MOSS User Web CC DB File I/O MOSS

  13. Design Logic Between Modules Session Variables in ASP Querystrings used to pass information from one page to another. MOSS

  14. Web Site Organization MOSS

  15. Administrator Instructor

  16. Instructor

  17. Student

  18. Development Tools / Software • Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition • Third Party Components: • ASPMail 4.0 – used for sending email messages using SMTP • JMail – used for receiving email messages using POP3 MOSS

  19. Code Cop Database E-R Model MOSS

  20. Requirements Met? • All user interfaces web based • Windows based MOSS interface • Student uploads filename controlled • Student uploads are time constrained • Instructor override of all student constraints • Permanent archive of MOSS results • Instructor control of all user accounts • MOSS bundling of multiple class sections MOSS