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VRF AC Dealers In Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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VRF AC Dealers In Mumbai

VRF AC Dealers In Mumbai

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VRF AC Dealers In Mumbai

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  1. Why should you choose ASHJOE HVAC services? Experience of over 2 Decades in the Air-conditioning & Refrigeration field, trusted by many of leading corporate & individual clients. We are well versed and Updated with latest Technology developments in International Arena, and we bring the same expertise and standards for our Customer in India.

  2. Knowledge of all types of Air-conditioning systems, helps us to design the best solutions for our clients ranging from different segments and Industries. We engage with our customers to identify their needs & offer them professional advice & assistance. • We have professionally managed infrastructure to support large base of satisfied Corporate / Individual customers. We have implemented ERP enabled systems to support timely delivery of Products & Maintenance Services to our clients. • We believe in honouring our commitments and to be a company that is a pleasure to do business with.

  3. TRAINED PERSONNEL Our engineers and technicians are intensively trained to handle the costly, sophisticated air-conditioning equipment. PRIORITY SERVICE All customers who opt for our annual service solutions are offered priority service

  4. GENUINE SPARES By opting for our service solution, you are assured of genuine spares that will go a long way in ensuring high uptime for your system. PREVENTIVE CHECKS Under all our service solutions, we offer preventive maintenance checks which help in identifying problems early, preventing costly down times.

  5. We are established as finest Commercial Air Conditioner services provider & VRF dealers in Mumbai Residential Air conditionersCommercial Air conditioners – Window Air Conditioners – Cassette AC’s – Star Rated Hi-Wall Split ACs – Commercial Split AC’s – Inverter Split ACs – Concealed Splits Water Coolers & PurifierCommercial Refrigeration – Bottled Water Dispensers – Hard Top Deep Freezers – Stainless Steel Water Coolers – Glass Top Display Freezer – Water Purifier – Ice Making Machines VRF Systems Cold Room's – Commercial Systems – Cold Storages – Residential Systems – Modular Cold Rooms

  6. On opting for a Service Solution from ASHJOE An air conditioners filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.

  7. Poor Maintained Air-conditioning systems can promote the growth and spread of microorganisms, these health hazards.  can be avoided or reduced by Regular Maintenance carried by Professionals. However, the Efficiency & Energy Losses can be avoided by Regular Maintenance of the Systems carried out by Professional Engineers. This can also directly impact on bringing down the Cost of Repairs / Replacement of Equipments

  8. Quick cooling for quick profits. Keep your drinks chilled and your clients happy with Bottle Coolers from Blue Star, India’s leading airconditioning and refrigeration company. Designed to meet the heavy demands of commercial business such as restaurants, hotels, pubs and fast food outlets, these coolers come with heavy duty compressors that allow bottles to be chilled quickly. And they are built rugged and ready for operation in Indian conditions. The perfect solution for your business.

  9. Features • Range: 300, 400, 500 ltrs • Option of PP/SS in a tank • PUF insulation • Low power consumption • Eco-friendly refrigerant • Prepainted sheet for longer life and easy cleaning • Tropicalised for tough weather conditions • Thermostat for accurate temperature control • Double door option available in higher capacities • Recessed handle