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The Amazing Race Asia

The Amazing Race Asia . By: Taylor, Bailey, and Morgan. Contestants (Teams). Crystal and Bob Shay and Jim Matt and Tina Mitch and Max Wanda and Melody Scarlett and Lauren Mimi and Derek Janae and Michael Nicole and Miranda Alexandra and Isabella Harold and Hank

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The Amazing Race Asia

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  1. The Amazing Race Asia By: Taylor, Bailey, and Morgan

  2. Contestants (Teams) • Crystal and Bob • Shay and Jim • Matt and Tina • Mitch and Max • Wanda and Melody • Scarlett and Lauren • Mimi and Derek • Janae and Michael • Nicole and Miranda • Alexandra and Isabella • Harold and Hank • Bobalina and Boberta • Brandon and Alice • Caroline and Mark • Linda and Mary • Maddi and Ronald

  3. Welcome To the Amazing Race Hopefully if you signed up for the Amazing Race, you at least know the basic concept. You will complete 7 different legs and then a finally of this race. Different clues and detours can be found at each leg, this race will be challenging, so don’t expect to just get handed a clue. Let’s get started immediately.

  4. Severnaya Zemlya, Russia You will take a plane to Severnaya Zemlya, there will be many purple sandpiper birds in the area. 20 of the 200 birds we release will have a small map tied to them, you will then need to find out what city the map is of, that will be your next destination. You will take the map to a train station and tell the guard the city you are going to if and the year Severnaya Zemlya was discovered when you guess right they will let you get on the train to your next destination.

  5. Beijing, China When you arrive in Beijing you will immediately go to the Great Wall of China. To greet you will be someone with rope and climbing equipment, you will be climbing the Great Wall of China. Once you reach the top there will be 150 clues scattered around the wall, only 25 are real, you will need 2 real clues to move on, this means only 12 of the teams will move on. The clues that aren’t real will be blank. You will take the 2 clues to the airport and get a plane tickets to your next destination, Sanaa Yemen.

  6. Sanaa, Yemen As soon as the plane gets to Sanaa you will go to the Ali Muhesen Stadium where you will wait until there is another team that comes that you can play against. You will playing football which in Sanaa means soccer. If you lose, your team must wait for another team to try and beat. If you are the last team left and you have lost, all of the games you played, you will be going home. The people who win the games will take a brand new Ford to a Yemen dock the Ford will be airlifted to India where you will take the boat, you will then drive the Ford to Bangalore India.

  7. Bangalore, India Once you arrive in India’s 3rd most popular city, you will go to the Bangalore Palace, and dress in a traditional night’s armor. Then you will go on a scavenger hunt for 13 items throughout the palace. Once you have your armor on you will handed the list of items. The first 10 teams to have all of the items will advance. The teams that advanced will be sent to Coles Park where you will search for you’re the clue for your next destination, there are only 8 clues, so hurry. You will be taking a bus to Chennai where you will jet ski to Sri Lanka, there you will motorcycle to Colombo.

  8. Colombo, Sri Lanka Once your motorcycle reaches Colombo you will go straight to the Gangarama Temple. It is a very religious place, so you will complete your next task without talking at all. You will be putting together a 400 piece puzzle. If you talk you must start all over with a different 400 piece puzzle. And don’t cheat, we will be watching. Waste no time getting to the docks. You must find a clue hidden among the boats, this clue will be a ticket for a boat ride to your next leg of the race, Bangkok Thailand.

  9. Bangkok, Thailand You will go to the Bangkok city hall where you will look at the official seal for 30 seconds then you will be taken into another room and be told to paint it. The 4 teams with the most accurate paintings will move on to the final destination so look closely and carefully in the 30 seconds you have. The 4 teams who make it through will go to Tokyo Japan. Take your painting to the airport. The people there will show you to the Amazing Race private jet that you will be riding to Tokyo. Each team will get a different ride so the faster you get on the jet, the faster you get to Tokyo.

  10. Tokyo, Japan Once the jet lands in Tokyo, you will need to get a map and get into one of the Fords waiting for you, hopefully the flight hasn’t caused to much of a time loss. You will be driving to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. There will be clues scattered on different floors, some floors won’t have a clue at all. There are only 3 clues so don’t hesitate when you are trying to find them. The teams that have the 3 clues will look at the clues to find out what the detour is that will determine what team will win The Amazing Race.

  11. The Last Challenge You will be fishing for a fish at the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, the fish must be at least a foot long, you will be taking this fish to the Rainbow Bridge, you may drive to the Rainbow Bridge, but when you reach the bridge you must get out of the car and run. You will run across the Rainbow Bridge with the fish you fished from the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. The first team that both people make it across the bridge to the guard, will win the Amazing Race.

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