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Frozen Pizza Market Report PDF

Frozen Pizza Market Report PDF

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Frozen Pizza Market Report PDF

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  1. Comprehensive Report: Frozen Pizza Market Frozen pizza is a half-baked dish prepared by flatbread dough which is topped with tomatoes, cheese, meat, vegetables and fruits. Pizza is majorly available in two major forms: fresh and frozen. Frozen pizza is usually stored at low level i.e 0 degrees for later consumption. Frozen pizza have a longer shelf life due to its low temperature condition and preservatives used for increasing the shelf- life. The frozen pizza comes with a wide range of varieties and toppings, which is driving the consumers for frozen pizza over conventional pizza. Market Definition The food industry has gone through many changes, mostly due to the development and implementation of new technology to meet the growing consumer demands for convenience products. Frozen pizza is now a commonly purchased food product in retail food stores. This has maintained its market share through the changing nature of the processed foods industry and growing popularity. However, the demand for frozen pizza with no-preservatives and organic or natural ingredients is increasing owing to consumer shift towards natural and healthy food products.

  2. Jump to the Report Now @ Introduction The frozen pizza is similar to that of a fresh pizza in taste and appearance but the only difference is in the form of the pizza. Frozen food products including pizzas and other bakery products has a high demand over the conventional pizzas and other bakery products, owing to consumer awareness for frozen foods. Hectic lifestyle within the working population has surged in the demand for convenience food and is considered to be major driving force for global frozen pizza market. Rising demand for convenient and instant food products among the working population is driving the frozen pizza market. Also, demand for specialty pizza like gluten-free and dairy free pizza by the people suffering from gluten and dairy intolerance is expected to surge the demand for frozen pizza market. However, preservatives added to the frozen pizza may cause a few health concerns and is expected to hinder the growth of the market. Intended Audience Frozen pizza manufacturers Bakery industry Raw material suppliers Retailers and wholesaler Traders, importers, and exporters      Key Findings Surge in the demand for convenient food products Increasing awareness about benefits of frozen products Rising demand for organic and natural ingredients in frozen pizza    Segments Frozen pizza is segmented on the basis of the crust type which includes, thin crust pizza, pan pizza, stuffed crust pizza and others. In this segment, thin crust pizza is dominating the market, owing to softer base which enhances the eating experience. Pizza made of thin crust is expected to grow substantially over the forecasted period. However, pan pizza is experiencing a high demand from the consumers due to change in eating habits over conventional crust type and is expected to grow during the forecast period. On the basis of pizza toppings, the frozen pizza market is segmented in fruits & vegetable, meat, cheese and others. Among all the toppings, fruits and vegetables is dominating the market.

  3. However, the demand for meat and cheese toppings in frozen pizza is expected to experience a high demand owing to changing eating habits and tendency to try new toppings in pizza. On the basis of pizza size, the frozen pizza market is segmented in regular, medium and large. Among all the size available, the regular size is dominating the market, owing to small size and low cost. Consumer prefer to buy regular size pizza as it can server up to 2 people and there is no chance for food to be left out. On the basis of the distribution channel, the market is segmented into store-based and non-store based distribution channel. However, the store-based distribution channel is dominating the market based on one-stop shopping experience. Regional Analysis Global Frozen Pizza Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and rest of the world (RoW). North America is dominating in the frozen pizza market followed by Europe. The U.S. has major consumption of frozen pizza, owing to busy lifestyle and changing eating habits in working population, people prefer for time saving and convenient food solution. Moreover, increase in the working population and busy life style has shifted the consumers for convenient and ready-to-eat solution for food in countries like India and China, a healthy growth is expected in the frozen pizza market in Asia Pacific region. Additionally, high focus on organic pizza ingredients and preservative free frozen pizza with high shelf-life is likely to uplift the market for frozen pizza at the global level. Enquiries are welcome @ Key Players Some of the key players profiled in the global frozen pizza market include McCain Foods Ltd. (Canada), Nestle S.A. (Switzerland), Dr. Oetker GmbH (Germany), Daiya Foods Inc. (Canada), Connies Pizza (U.S.), Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. (U.S.), California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. (U.S.) The global frozen pizza market is segmented under the following regions North America U.S. Canada Mexico    Europe Germany France  

  4. Italy Spain U.K Rest of Europe     Asia Pacific China India Australia Japan Rest of Asia Pacific      Rest of the world Brazil Argentina South Africa Others     The report for globalfrozen pizza market of Market Research Future comprises of extensive primary research along with the detailed analysis of qualitative as well as quantitative aspects by various industry experts, key opinion leaders to gain the deeper insight of the market and industry performance. The report gives the clear picture of current market scenario which includes historical and projected market size in terms of value and volume, technological advancement, macro economical and governing factors in the market. The report provides details information and strategies of the top key players in the industry. The report also gives a broad study of the different markets segments and regions. Detail analysis covered topic are – Table Of Content Chapter 1. Methodology And Scope 1.1. Research Methodology 1.1.1 Initial Data Exploration 1.1.2 Statistical Modelling And Forecast 1.1.3 Industry Insights And Validation 1.2. Data Crust Types

  5. Chapter 2. Executive Summary 2.1. Frozen Pizza Agents Industry Market Synopsis, 2017-2023 2.1.1 Business Trends 2.1.2 Toppings Trends Chapter 3 Frozen Pizza Agents Market Insights 3.1 Industry Segmentation 3.2 Industry Size And Forecast 3.3 Industry Ecosystem Analysis 3.4 Industry Impact Forces 3.4.1 Growth Drivers Surge In The Demand For Convenient Food Products Increasing Awareness About Benefits Of Frozen Products 3.4.2 Industry Pitfalls & Challenges Use Of Preservatives Owing To Longer Shelf Life 3.5 Growth Potential Analysis 3.6 Company Market Share Analysis, 2016 3.7 Porter’s Analysis 3.8 PESTEL Analysis Chapter 4 Frozen Pizza Agents By Crust Type Insights 4.1 Global Frozen Pizza Agents Market Volume Share By Crust Type, 2017-2023 4.1.1 Thin Crust Pizza Market Estimates & Forecast, 2017-2023 4.1.2 Pan Pizza Market Estimates & Forecast, 2017-2023 4.1.3 Stuffed Crust Pizza Market Estimates & Forecast, 2017-2023 4.1.4 Others Market Estimates & Forecast, 2017-2023

  6. Chapter 5 Frozen Pizza Agents By Toppings Insights 5.1 Global Frozen Pizza Agents Market Volume Share By Toppings, 2017 & 2023 5.1.1 Fruits & Vegetable Capsicum Market Estimates & Forecast, 2017-2023 Corn Market Estimates & Forecast, 2017-2023 Onion Market Estimates & Forecast, 2017-2023 Mushroom Market Estimates & Forecast, 2017-2023 Pineapple Market Estimates & Forecast, 2017-2023 Continue…. Interested? Ask for the Discount @ Note: To Access Full Report, Requesting you to visit above mentioned links, and allow us to contribute in your business market