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Blending Interior Design- United Team Lifestyle PowerPoint Presentation
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Blending Interior Design- United Team Lifestyle

Blending Interior Design- United Team Lifestyle

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Blending Interior Design- United Team Lifestyle

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  1. Blending Interior Design Blend it Right- Environment, Mood, a Feeling-Leave the REST Presented By: Jona Roy

  2. Introduction Not to be confused with Interior Decoration, interior design combines environmental psychology, architecture, and product design along with traditional decoration into one.

  3. Principles of Interior Design A professional and expert renovation contractor Singapore would follow the following principles as whole: • Balance- It could be symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. • Rhythm- It could be progression, transition, contrast or repetition. • Details- It includes scale, color and proportion.

  4. Interior Design Finishes • The list is endless for interior design finishes as every time a new product gets involved. • Your finishes could be floor, walls, ceilings, internal joinery and soft furnishings

  5. Considerations for Finishes • Budget- Is it that the product you have chosen requires long-term maintenance and might impact on the weekly household budget? Decide on your BUDGET first. • Durability- Enquire about the product durability. Would it be able to withstand the wear and tear –water spillage, pets, kids feet and furniture movement

  6. Considerations for Finishes • Safety-How safe is the product? • Comfort- Is it soft to touch, silky to run your fingers over, or cool underfoot? • Aesthetically Beautiful- Are you finding it great to look at? Does it fit in with your thought of scheme, texturally, color wise, patterned items? 

  7. References • If you are looking for an interior design company who is an expert when it comes to residential (including HDB), hospitality and commercial purposes in Singapore- United Team Lifestyle is highly recommended from my personal work experience with them.

  8. Get in Touch with them THANKS