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Work Health Safety Presented by Mitch Bates PowerPoint Presentation
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Work Health Safety Presented by Mitch Bates

Work Health Safety Presented by Mitch Bates

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Work Health Safety Presented by Mitch Bates

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  1. Work Health Safety Presented by Mitch Bates

  2. What is WHS? • The WHS Act 2011 replaced the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000… WHS came into legislation from January 2012 • WHS is now a National Act that covers all states • - Previously the OHS Act was State by State • - Meaning each State had a different set of rules • WHS now puts more responsibility on the worker to act in a safe manner & follow safe work procedures

  3. Understanding WHS Legislation • Definitions • Workers: includes employees, labor hire staff, volunteers, apprentices, subcontractors and contractors. • PCUB: Persons conducting a business or undertaking • Officer: Officer is defined under the Corporations Act 2001, sect 9 "a person who makes or participates in making decisions that affect the whole or a substantial part of the business or undertaking"

  4. Understanding WHS Legislation • There are two main parts to new WHS Legislation… • Primary Duty of Care & Due Diligence • Directors – Duty of Care • The Directors ‘Officers’ set aside a budget for WHS, to be used for the following: • Provision of resources (physical, financial and human) to ensure a safe and healthy workplace • Provision of information and publications relating to WHS • Maintenance of the built environment of the workplace including the immediate assessment and control of any identified hazards

  5. Management – Duty of Care • The General Manager & Senior Managers are responsible for the WHS of all employees and may be classified as ‘Officers’ of the company. Whilst Management may delegate some WHS duties, they acknowledge that they are accountable for the operational • implementation of all aspects of the Club’s WHS system. • Some key responsibilities include: • Supervision, Training, and providing safe systems of work • Maintain compliance with WHS Legislation • Keep records of all injuries in the Incident Register • Conduct or delegate to staff member/s regular workplace inspections and risk assessments

  6. Duty Managers & Supervisors – Duty of Care • Are defined as ‘Middle Management’ & as such are classified as ‘Workers’… • Some key responsibilities include: • Completing the Incident Register and report the incident to Management • Investigate incidents as required in accordance with workplace policy and legislation • Reporting any unsafe work practices to Management • Ensuring that all employees are working in a safe manner.

  7. Staff – Duty of Care • All Staff are advised of their respective WHS responsibilities during staff induction training and responsibilities are included in job descriptions. • Observing safety rules, working safely and reporting any hazards and incidents immediately. • Following the safe work Policies and Procedures • Maintaining high standards of housekeeping at all times.

  8. Nature of operations risks and hazards • Resources and processes • Knowledge of health and safety matters • Due Diligence • ‘Officer’ • Legal compliance • Timely response to incidents and issues

  9. WHS Committee • Members • Meet monthly to discuss the following… • Incident Reports • Safe Work Policies & Procedures • Review Work Place Inspections • If you would like to join please notify Joshua McAleer

  10. EVACUATION What will you hear? Beep Beep and/or Whoop Whoop What Will you do? Stay Calm, Move to nearest safe emergency exit. Where will you go? Lancashire Pl

  11. Questions?