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A Brain Development Company PowerPoint Presentation
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A Brain Development Company

A Brain Development Company

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A Brain Development Company

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  1. Welcome to A Brain Development Company

  2. About The Company Brain Matters India - A Brain Development Company, is an organization to bring a meaningful transformation and a positive change in the life of every human being by exploring the brain potential. We at Brain Matters believe that every human brain has an unlimited potential. But, most people go to their grave just using 10% of their brain potential and 90% of their real brain potential is taken along with them to their grave. What a colossal waste of Human Brain !

  3. The Human brain would fit neatly into the palms of your hand but it has unbelievable power and capacity, No medicine is required to sharpen our memory rather our brain is itself a medicine to think, love, eat, sleep, run talk, play effectively. If blood test is for good health why cant we get our brain trained so that we can heal without pill with the amazing brain capabilities. Brain matters can surely make something great out of you; believe in yourself! And believe in such a way that anyone even dream of beating you; would better wake up and apologize.

  4. Company Services Schools workshop • Dermatoglaphics Practitioner • Multiple intelligence consultant • Mnemonics Master Trainer • Brain Development Coach • Right Brain Development Trainer • ATD Angle Specialist • Motivational Speaker • Career Counselor • Corporate Trainer-Behavioral and Soft skills

  5. Human Potential Muscle Power Brain Power

  6. Usage Muscle Power Brain Power 90% ???

  7. Mnemonics Means a Memory Aid… You must have witnessed that most of the times you are not able to remember most of the things. You go from one room to another to take something and by the time you reach there you totally forget what you wanted. it’s a classic situation – you meet someone new, and then moments later you’ve forgotten their name! passwords, pin and telephone numbers… the list is endless – with so much to memorize is it really possible to improve how much you can remember?

  8. “The Problem is neither of memorising , nor of retention but most of the times the problem is that of recollection” Mnemonics use the imagination in conjunction with all of the individuals senses (sight, sound, touch, smell), in order to transform a dull, dry piece of text into a firm and vibrant memory that is not just easy to remember, but difficult to forget!

  9. The good news is “yes”! Just like every muscle in your body, the adage “use it or lose it” applies, so the more you exercise your brain, the more you will remember. You forget something or the other everyday.

  10. Brain’s Function Left Brain Right Brain 5 Senses - See, Hear, Smell, Touch & Taste Logic Calculation Analysis Reasons Right or Wrong Decision Muscle Power Emotions Memory Creativity Imagination Visualization Images Intuitions Telepathy Pictures .

  11. Which of these, is most important to you as a student ? A Survey says : . • Emotions • Memory • Creativity • Imagination • Visualization • Images • Intuitions • Telepathy • Pictures Memory

  12. Have you ever found it difficult to continue your learning after few hours of studies ? • Have you ever found it difficult to remember what you learnt ? • Have you ever found it difficult to remember Names, Places and Dates in History or Political Science ? • Have you ever felt, had your memory been richer you would have scored much higher in your exams ? • Have you ever said, “ My Brain is full, it can’t absorb any more ?

  13. Mnemonics Mnemonics is a science as well as art to memorize what you See, Listen, Do, Smell or Taste. Mnemonics enables you memorize Long lists, Facts, Figures, Names, Faces, Events, Dates of history, Calendar of many years, Telephone Numbers etc. Mnemonics enables you use your right brain to memorize anything for long term memory. Mnemonics enables you use your all the sense of your body (sight, sound, touch, smell)

  14. 2-3 Weeks Workshop On Mnemonics and DMIT (Multiple intelligence) • Covers • Remember List of 100 thing and any digit number, facts, vocabulary in a reading. • Remembering Dates and Events. • Mnemonics enables you memorize your subject material easily with long lasting memory… • Remember any thing you come around in your day to day Work. • Remember Names and faces of People you meet • Remember Calendar of 10yrs. • Activities …...

  15. To conduct the workshop Please contact