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Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution. “The Latest weapon in the nations battle with the epidemic of childhood obesity” - NY times. By. Melanie Wittenberger. How does DDR work?.

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Dance Dance Revolution

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  1. Dance Dance Revolution “The Latest weapon in the nations battle with the epidemic of childhood obesity” - NY times By. Melanie Wittenberger

  2. How does DDR work? • As the upbeat music plays, arrows pointing up, down, left and right scroll up the screen. The arrows on the screen mimic the ones on the players matt on the floor. The player is expected to use timing and accuracy to stomp on the correct arrows on the matt at the same time the arrows on the screen get to their destination.

  3. Screen shot of the game

  4. What can a dance video game offer me? • Increased physical fitness • Increased coordination • Better timing • An entertaining way to get up and move alittle! • A way to get your children to be less sedentary • A challenging workout

  5. Why should DDR be used in Physical Education classrooms • Adjustable skill levels allows it to fit the needs to any student. • Challenging and burns calories • Students actually want to play! • A new approach on the traditional physical education class • Inspires children to play a non-sedentary video game outside the classroom as well.

  6. Why should DDR be used in physical education classrooms? • Appeals to a broader range of students! • Most team sports and gym activities appeal mostly to the more athletic children, however DDR is a fun entertaining game that can appeal to the athletic children, as well as the ones that aren’t so great at catching, throwing and other generic team sport abilities. It gives them a chance to shine and get in some exercise! Let everyone be a star!

  7. Benefits • In a multi-year Study done at University of West Virginia’s school of physical education the health benefits includes: • Weight loss • Improved blood pressure • Improved fitness scores • Improved endothelial function (Shiesel,Seth. Dance Dance Revolution- Childhood obesity. December 12 2011.

  8. What would this system cost me? • A Game Console such as a Wii, Playstation 3 or Xbox , A Television, and DDR mats. • Wii including one Wii controller – $169 (Walmart) • Television- 32” $219 (Walmart) • DDR Mat and Game- $39.99 (Walmart) • Additional mats cost about $20 • For the Wii system, TV, DDR mat and console, plus 3 additional mats equals= 487.99 for years of entertainment and fitness. • *Used versions are much cheaper!

  9. Is it worth the money? • Absolutely! • Each machine and mat comes with a warranty • The kids will love it! • A great activity to do when weather keeps you from going outside. • A break from team sports • Years of fun is worth a splurge

  10. I want to see exactly how it works? • • It can really get you moving!

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