chemical warfare of vietnam n.
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Chemical warfare of Vietnam PowerPoint Presentation
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Chemical warfare of Vietnam

Chemical warfare of Vietnam

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Chemical warfare of Vietnam

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  1. Chemical warfare of Vietnam

  2. Napalm • "I love the smell of napalm in the morning... The smell, you know that gasoline smell... Smells like, victory”-William Kilgore, apocalypse now • invented by Dr. Louis fieser who was a well respected chemist who had been a professor at Harvard • Napalm was used for a short time in WWII • Napalm was used to remove vegetation and also to instill fear into the Vietnamese • Napalm has to burn itself out it can not be put out with water

  3. Napalm

  4. Agent Orange • Between 1961-1971 the US army had Operation Ranch Hand • The point of this operation was to use herbicides and defoliants to destroy agricultural land. • By using helicopters the army would spray Agent Orange on tree tops which would destroy all the leaves and vegetation leave no cover to the Vietcong. This helped now the Vietcong had limited hiding places and ambushes were less likely to happen. • Crops used for food were also targeted by the herbicides so that the Vietcong would run out of logistics. • Although Agent Orange was a great help to the US in Vietnam there were and still are many horrible side affects that can lead to cancer and deformations of people who were in contact of it. • There were also other defoliants like Agent Blue, but Agent Orange is the most infamous.

  5. Effects of Agent Orange

  6. Foo gas • Foo gas is a mixture of napalm and explosives • Used in Vietnam to blow holes in walls • Requires only 10 seconds to set up

  7. Aircraft of vietnam

  8. IroquoisNick -The Iroquois was also known as the “Huey” The Huey was used for different tasks, it was used to attack, troop transportation, and a medevac When the Huey would transport troops and be used as a medevac, it would have sliding doors on the side along with a door gunner - When it was used for attack missions it had a rocket launcher and a grenade launched attached to it The importance of the Huey was that it could destroy large targets that foot soldiers could not do so easily - The Americans used it

  9. PhantomNick -The Navy, Air Force, and The Marines used this aircraft -This aircraft flew in every possible mission with a short distance It did missions like close air support, interception, air defense suppression, and long range strike -The importance of this aircraft was that it destroyed other aircrafts that could have bombed the Americans

  10. Huey -Hueys were first flown on October 22 1956 -The Huey’s original name was UH-I -They were originally designed to medevac injured soldiers off the battlefield. Apx 7,000 Hueys saw action during the Vietnam War -It could carry up to 11 people -Till this day a lot of countries still use the Huey but they are more advanced than they were during the Vietnam War. -M-240 7.62mm machine gun or GAU-16 .50 caliber machine gun or GAU-17 7.62mm automatic gun

  11. Chinook • The Chinook helicopter was a heavy lift helicopter. It could carry up to 7,500 lbs • It’s first flight was in 1961 • Could carry up to 20 people. • Chinooks were really useful when it came to retrieving downed aircrafts. • Cost over $38 million a piece.