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ARTIST. Samantha McCauley 10-11-10 Hour 5 Career Tech Found. Introduction.

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  1. ARTIST Samantha McCauley 10-11-10 Hour 5 Career Tech Found

  2. Introduction • “Art is the only way to run around without leaving home.” Iv been interested in art since I was little and wanted to become an artist. I later decided that I wanted to be a vet but know I want to be an artist again. I will be searching the nature of my career choice, the working conditions, training, qualifications, and advancement. I will also be searching the

  3. Nature of Work • Meet deadlines • Convey thoughts and feelings into work • Be creative • Be able to sell your art • Know the basics of art • Shading, coloring

  4. Working Conditions • Artists can be mental, but can also be physical (depending on what you do) • Can work both indoor or outdoor • Can set their own work times • Work multiple places, at home, commercial art studio, lofts, ect. • Work at drafting desks/computers

  5. Training, Qualifications, Advancement • Bachelor or masters degree • Painting, intro to art, 3D/2D art, graphic design

  6. Outlook/Employment • Employment rate 12% • Rising, demand well increase • Maybe New York probably St. Clair Shores • Probably at homework or studio

  7. Earnings • Median annual wage- $42,650 • Middle 50%- between $29,230 and $60,650 • Lowest 10%- less than $20,780 • Highest 10%- more than $83,410

  8. Related Occupation

  9. Summary

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