spend your holidays in kenya n.
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Spend Your Holidays in Kenya PowerPoint Presentation
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Spend Your Holidays in Kenya

Spend Your Holidays in Kenya

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Spend Your Holidays in Kenya

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  1. Spend Your Holidays in Kenya

  2. Kenya is a country in East Africa which has an Indian ocean in its south-east. Tourists are mainly attracted to the coastal beaches and the game reserves, notably, the expansive Tsavo National Park in the southeast. You will have to make Kenya holiday deals to visit Kenya. Kenya has a tropical climate. While the weather is hot and humid near the coast, there can be dry spells in the north and northeast of Kenya. There is a lot of rain between April and May (the long rains) and moderate rain in October and November (the short rains). Due to the high temperature, summer clothes are worn through the year in Kenya. It is usually cool at night and in the early morning. The afternoons and evenings often see rainfall which can be from moderate to heavy.

  3. During your vacation in Kenya, you will get an extensive opportunity to visit some of Africa's best-known national parks including the Masai Mara, Samburu, Tsavo, Amboseli, and Lake Nakuru and naturally, the incredible Great Wildebeest Migration – aptly titled one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Kenya is also famous for its golden deserts of epic expanse to the North, Mount Kenya’s snow capped charm straddling the equator, sultry Indian Ocean tropical beaches, lush lakes in the Great Rift Valley filled with flamingos, timeless cultures unchanged by the modern world.

  4. There are many organizations that will help you to visit Kenya but Africa Tailored Safaris is one of the best safari companies that will give you a unique journey of adventure, enlightenment and discovery. You can book your perfect Kenya holiday today with Africa Tailored Safaris. You can also make Kenya holiday deals online with

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