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Benefits of English Accent Reduction Classes PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of English Accent Reduction Classes

Benefits of English Accent Reduction Classes

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Benefits of English Accent Reduction Classes

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  1. AudibleSelf “Every time you speak your voice tells the story of who you are. Tell it better with AudibleSelf"

  2. About US AudibleSelf certified professionals provide a personalized and confidential analysis of your speaking voice.

  3. accent reduction training you need to take effective measures to reduce that accent prior to attending any interviews. You can check online for accent reduction training and it’s mostly the English accent that you need to be worried about, since that’s the lingua franca. Do check out the following tips and you should be able to reduce that accent and vocalize better.

  4. Accent reduction tip 1: If you are having trouble vocalizing the “th” sound, then this is what you need to do – just hold your tongue between your front and bottom teeth and try to flatten it so that the air from your lungs passes over it. This should help you vocalize the “th” sound better. Try it without making any sound, flatten that tongue and then try vocalizing the “th” sound. Apart from this, you may want to check online for accent reduction videos and exercises which can help you to reduce that accent altogether.

  5. Accent reduction tip 2: Well, as you already know there’s the light “l” which we use when pronouncing words with a vowel in front or at the back of the “l” and then there’s the heavy “l” which we use when we use words with consonants such as lynched- these types of words allow you to quickly move from one word to the other, without any issues. Additionally you may also want to listen to a few tapes with neutral accents and memorize how the word sounds so that you can try to recreate the same when you are pronouncing the same word. It takes time and effort but you should be able to reduce it

  6. Accent reduction tip 3: It is important that you relax and do your best to keep your stress under limits. Granted that you are already feeling the pressure and frustrated that your accent reduction classes are not amounting to much at this point. You need to realize that accent reduction does not happen overnight but that it needs constant practice until you get it perfect. But remember to keep your stress levels down as this can weaken your concentration and focus.

  7. Accent reduction tip 4: you need to think positively; if you have already given up by the time you enroll in an accent reduction course, then chances are high that you would not be able to change anything much. As corny as it may sound, it is important that you think positively and remain optimistic, as this can help improve your chances when it comes to the english accent reduction classes.

  8. Whether you have been hired to do a voice over for a commercial or just want to sound better for your interview, it is always a good idea to get a voice analysis done so that you know how you sound to others in close proximity. The voice quality in speech communication can make all the difference between success and failure — especially in the field of marketing. This is why it is essential that you check out the following tips on how to improve the quality of your voice, within a short space of time.

  9. Use the diaphragm: Some people often speak nasally in a high pitched tone and that invariably irritates and upsets others. It is important that you take the time to review the voice quality in speech to see whether you have a high pitched tone to your voice and if so, take corrective measures immediately. More often than not, the issue with a nasal tone lies in the way you breathe — you need to pace your breath at regular intervals, use your diaphragm effectively for the same and remember to project your voice from the same area. This should help to take care of that high pitched nasal tone you had picked up.

  10. Join acting/ singing classes: Most of these classes include vocal work sessions and it should be a lot of fun - see if you can enroll in a few classes and with these vocal workouts, you should be able to exercise your voice, alter the tone effectively and even throw your voice so that the person at the end of the room can hear you audibly.

  11. AudibleSelf 328 West 83rd St Apt 2E New York, NY , 10024