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PI-3103A Analog P/S. DUT. Video Out 1-4. CLK In. Bias In. Control signal. Analog signal. Digital/timing signal. Optical isolation. Benchtop FPA Test System, Detailed View. CompactPCI Chassis 1. GPIB (PMC). CPU. Convert, CDS, and Video monitor. Clock Generator. Pattern Out.

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  1. PI-3103A Analog P/S DUT Video Out 1-4 CLK In Bias In Control signal Analog signal Digital/timing signal Optical isolation Benchtop FPA Test System, Detailed View CompactPCI Chassis 1 GPIB (PMC) CPU Convert, CDS, and Video monitor Clock Generator Pattern Out Master CLK ‘Scope Pattern Card (16 Ch.) F, L, P1 – P4 clocks Frame, Line, & Pixel Timing & Control Preamp controls Mux Preamp control, power, and offset AIM AD1, GF1 Data 1 DAQ Muxed data AD2, GF2 Data 2 AD3, GF3 Data 3 Clock Driver CLK 1-4 AD4, GF4 Data 4 DC Bias Video Signal 8 Unassigned Channels V, I Sense Preamp 1 Preamp 4 Preamp 3 Preamp 2 DMM Configuration shown provides 16 channels of pattern generation, 4 channels of programmable clock driver, 4 channels of low-noise DC bias, and 4 channels of A/D and data acquisition with 512 MB of RAM. CPU board runs Windows XP with 2 GB of RAM, dual Gb Ethernet, and standard peripheral ports

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