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Grammaire – Les verbes en - er

Grammaire – Les verbes en - er. Français 1.

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Grammaire – Les verbes en - er

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  1. Grammaire – Les verbes en -er Français 1

  2. 1. We have learned about les infinitifs et les pronomssujets. Now, we will focus on some regular verbs in French. These verbs follow a pattern. Their forms can be predicted. Some verbs that we will learn later are known as irregular verbs. Their forms do not follow a pattern.

  3. 2. These verbs are divided into 3 different groups or conjugations based on the infinitive ending of the verb.

  4. 3. The 3 regular verb groups in French are: EndingInfinitive ____-er______danser(to dance) ____-ir______finir(to finish) ____-re______vendre(to sell)

  5. 4. First, we will work with –er verbs or what is known as the first conjugation. This is the most common infinitive ending. (Remember, an infinitive is the most basic form of a verb!)

  6. 5. La formule: This formula will apply to every regular –er verb in French!

  7. Step 1 – Create the stem… • Drop the –er from the infinitive…danser • Ex. – danser - You are left with the stem… dans-

  8. Step 2 – Create the verb form… • ADD the personal endings to the stem to get the verb forms. These endings change to agree with the subject. Verb Form =

  9. Par exemple: ending goes here • Infinitive danser (to dance) stem

  10. Sample conjugation for a regular –er verb… danser (to dance) danser (to dance) SingulierPluriel 1st 2nd 3rd

  11. NOTE: • danse, danses, and dansent sound exactly the same!

  12. 7. In French, the verbforms change according to the subjects just as they do in English! Ex. – I dance, you dance, but he/she dances.

  13. 8. In English,we have several different equivalents for the French. • Ex. – Je danse. I dance. I do dance. I am dancing.

  14. Essayez: Use the notes and model above, conjugate the following –er verb! parler (to speak) SingulierPluriel 1st 2nd 3rd

  15. parler (to speak) SingulierPluriel 1st 2nd 3rd

  16. Fin!

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