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Medical Care Medicare gap Uncovered expenses (travel, accommodation, non PBD medicines) PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Care Medicare gap Uncovered expenses (travel, accommodation, non PBD medicines)

Medical Care Medicare gap Uncovered expenses (travel, accommodation, non PBD medicines)

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Medical Care Medicare gap Uncovered expenses (travel, accommodation, non PBD medicines)

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  1. What are the financial implications of a serious illness? • Medical Care • Medicare gap • Uncovered expenses (travel, accommodation, non PBD medicines) • Experimental drugs or treatments • Economic Impact • Lost income • Additional household expenses • Everyday expenses • Unmet financial goals • Rehabilitation • Specialist help • Remedial therapy • Home remodelling • Adaptive equipment

  2. After diagnosis of a serious illness what emotions are you likely to go through? • Denial • Bargaining • Anger • Depression • Hope

  3. What do you do next… Seek a second opinion? • Who do you speak to? • How will you find them? • Where are they?

  4. Who do you speak to? Will they provide more certainty? “One in six NHS patients 'misdiagnosed.” The Daily Telegraph, March 21st March, 2009 “Misdiagnosis occurs in 15 to 20 percent of cases…and it is estimated in half of these, serious harm occurs.” Dr. Jerome Groopman, Author of How Doctors Think, The Boston Globe, March 19th, 2007 ‘A systematic review of reports from 1996 to 2002 found autopsies detected, on average, 23.5% of clinically missed diagnoses involving the principal or underlying cause of death, and 9% of errors that would or could have affected the patient’s outcome.’ Source: MJA 2004; 180: 281–285

  5. How will you find them? 35% of people would turn to the internet for health related information. But a simple Google search can turn into an information avalanche • ‘Cancer’ – 189,000,000 results • ‘Stroke’ – 56,500,000 • ‘Heart attack’ – 48,700,000 • ‘Coronary’ – 14,900,000 • ‘Muscular Dystrophy’ – 2,740,000 Type in ‘Best doctor on cancer in Australia’ and you still get over 16m results!

  6. Where are they? Would it be great if you could access the best… …in your region …in your state …in Australia …in the WORLD! Now you can with MLC, through the exclusive introduction of Best Doctors to Australia

  7. Who are Best Doctors? • Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School Professors • 20 years Operational Experience • 160 employees in 10 countries • Global database of over 50,000 doctors • 300 corporate clients covering more than 15million customers in 30 countries

  8. What do they do? Connects you and your treating doctor to the ‘best’ specialist(s) in the world for your specific condition. The leading specialist gives you the certainty and comfort by answering the two key questions: • Is the diagnosis correct? • What are the best treatment options? • What’s going to happen to me and my family?

  9. What makes these specialists the best? Leading medical specialists all over the world are asked: ‘If you or a family member need a doctor in your speciality, who would you refer them to?’ The result: ‘the best of the best’

  10. What are the financial implications of a serious illness? • Over 50,000, peer nominated, leading specialists world-wide • Top 3-5% of doctors in any country • 40 specialities, covering over 400 subspecialties • Doctors are re-polled every two years and ongoing quality assessment • This is the only service like this in Australia!

  11. How does it work? CONNECT Client calls Best Doctors Call Centre INVESTIGATE Best Doctors collects and reviews medical records ANSWER Report delivered to client (direct interaction with doctor, as appropriate)

  12. Who can access the Best Doctors service? • All new MLC Critical Illness Insurance clients • All existing MLC Critical Illness Insurance clients – In line with the MLC upgrade philosophy • Life Insured, spouse and dependent children

  13. Real life stories Alexis Alexis was born with severe cardiac defects.By six weeks she had developed signs of respiratory distress, congestive heart failure, poor oral intake and failure to thrive. The family was told there was nothing that could be done, and Alexis would soon die. Hospice care, high doses of morphine and cardiac medications were started. To Alexis’ parents it seemed as if all their options had been exhausted until Alexis’ mother called Best Doctors. The Best Doctors’ team connected Alexis and her treating physician with one of the world’s top Paediatric Cardiac Surgeons, chosen from the Best Doctors’ global network of 50,000 specialists. The Best Doctors expert offered a pioneering surgery he had developed that would not only save Alexis’ life, but also offer her full life-expectancy. A few weeks later, the Best Doctors expert successfully completed the complex surgery. Alexis’ heart now works perfectly and she’ll live a normal life. “Our baby is alive, her little heart is fixed. Alexis is playing with her older brother, laughing and has no more pain. Our family is overwhelmed with joy. Thank you, thank you Best Doctors.”

  14. Real life stories Mary Mary was 33 and had completely lost her sight over a period of months. She was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour requiring emergency open head surgery; a procedure both dangerous and disfiguring. The location of the tumour required the optic nerve to be cut and permanent blindness would result. She turned to Best Doctors in the hope they could find an alternative treatment. Best Doctors discovered she did not have a life-threatening tumour; rather she had sarcoidosis, a treatable inflammatory condition. For final determination and expert advice on treatment, the assessment was forwarded to a Rheumatologist, from the Best Doctors global network, who confirmed sarcoidosis. The Rheumatologist immediately phoned the member’s surgeon and recommended cancelling the operation. Mary’s surgeon was sceptical, but at the insistence of the specialist, agreed to delay the operation for 48 hours. During this time, anti-inflammatory drugs were administered and the change was dramatic: her eyesight began to return almost immediately. Today, Mary is healthy and active with full eyesight and thankful for the services of Best Doctors.

  15. Best Doctors Australian Medical Advisory Board Professor Martin TATTERSALL, MA, MD, MSc, FRCP, FRACP Leading cancer specialist Dr. James MAY, AC Leading cardiologist Dr John ALOIZOS, AM, MBBS, FRACGP, FAICD Leading GP

  16. Why people ask for Best Doctors help?

  17. What are the results? Leveraging the leading specialists • 22% of cases result in a changed diagnosis • 61% of cases result in a change in the course of treatment No doctor can be the best in all fields

  18. The best of both worlds • 20 years ago Dr. Marius Barnard stated: • “Medical science can save lives, but it can't salvage lost bank balances. In other words, we'll keep you alive, but we won't provide the money to support you.” • At MLC we believe that saving your life shouldn’t cost you your life savings!

  19. The MLC advantage

  20. The best of both worlds • Nothing can make a health crisis easy… • …but MLC can easy the way to recovery • Choice • Empowerment • Ultimate peace of mind