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  1. EVANGELISM Alvin L. Reid

  2. Foundation: Evangelism Handbook

  3. Chapter 1 “The North American church is suffering from severe mission amnesia. It has forgotten why it exists.” --Reggie McNeal

  4. The MISSIONAL SHIFT • “’Missional’ is the noun “missionary” modified to be an adjective. . . . If [churches] study and learn language, become a part of the culture, proclaim the good news, be the presence of Christ, and contextualize biblical life and church for that culture—they are a missional church.” • Stetzer and Dodson

  5. Marks of a Missional Church (Stetzer and Dodson, Comeback Churches): • Incarnational • Indigenous • Intentional

  6. Part 1Biblical

  7. Chapter 2A Movement Not a Method: The Message We Share “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.” --Victor Hugo

  8. Christianity is a movement to be advanced, not merely an institution to be maintained.

  9. What Evangelism is Not

  10. What Evangelism is Not The Mute Approach

  11. What Evangelism is Not The Numbers Game

  12. What Evangelism is Not Professionals Need Only Apply

  13. What Evangelism is Not Cop-Out

  14. What Evangelism ISBiblical Terms

  15. Communicate Good News The basic word for “evangelism” in the New Testament is the term transliterated into the English as “evangel” (noun) or “evangelize” (verb).

  16. Herald A Message A second term is kerusso and its related forms. This verb form means “to proclaim in the manner of a herald.” It implies the declaration of an event.

  17. Witness Or Testify Notice the words translated martureo(verb) and marturion (noun). Today we think of a martyr as someone who died for the faith. The Greek word martyr literally means “a witness.”

  18. Become Disciples, Or Christ-Followers Matheteusate is the main verb in the Great Commission passage, Matthew 28:19-20: “Go…and make disciples.” The verb in this passage is an imperative, a command.

  19. Definitions 1. Anglican 2. Lewis Drummond 3. D.T. Niles

  20. 4. The Church Growth Movement 1-P, Presence. For example, agricultural, medical missions. 2-P, Proclamation. Presenting the gospel in an understandable manner. 3-P, Persuasion. Second Corinthians 5:11 encourages hearers to respond. 5. Campus Crusade For Christ

  21. 6. Reid: Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ by word and life in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that unbelievers become followers of Jesus Christ in His church and in the culture.

  22. I Thess. 1:5-10 As a Model • Not in WORD Only • POWER • SPIRIT • CONVICTION • MISSIONAL LIVES • Why not today?

  23. Chapter 3Why Do We Do the Things That We Do?Motives for Evangelism

  24. From the Perspective of God Motives For Evangelism The Character of God The Love of God

  25. From the Perspective of The Believer Obedience Spiritual Growth Eternal Rewards Evangelism And Unbelievers Future Joy Or Future Judgment

  26. Chapter 4The Mission of God A Missional Reading of Scripture

  27. “A missional hermeneutic, then, is not content simply to call for obedience to the Great Commission (thought it will assuredly include that as a matter of nonnegotiable importance), nor even to reflect on the missional implications of the Great Commandment. For behind both it will find the Great Communication—the revelation of the identity of God, of God’s action in the world and God’s saving purpose for all creation. And for the fullness of this communication we need the whole Bible in all its parts and genres, for God has given us no less. A missional hermeneutic takes the indicative and the imperative of the biblical revelation with equal seriousness, and interprets each in the light of the other.” C. J. H. Wright, The Mission of God (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2006), 61-62.


  29. Old TestamentPentateuch-protoevangelium (Gen. 3:15)-Promise to Abraham (Gen. 12)-Sinai covenant (Ex. 19)-Day of Atonement (Lev. 16)

  30. HistoryProphets

  31. A “Whole Bible” Approach To The Great Commission • Taken from Convergent Church by Liederbach/Reid

  32. A “Whole Bible” Approach To The Great Commission 1. Everything begins in God and is to return to God. 2. Human existence must be understood as theocentric, not anthropocentric.

  33. A “Whole Bible” Approach To The Great Commission 3. Individual life stories must conform to God’s story. 4. A higher affection must motivate a life lived for God’s glory.

  34. A “Whole Bible” Approach To The Great Commission 5. A life of worship should compel us to invite the lost to join us. 6. The corporate worship of the church ought to change the culture.

  35. Chapter 5Jesus and Paul Life was in Him, and that life was the light of men. That light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it. --John 1:4-5

  36. Evangelism from the life and work of ChristI. The Incarnation Was Evangelistic In Its Intent

  37. II. His Earthly Ministry Modeled Evangelism A. Our Lord Demonstrated An Evangelistic Passion (Matthew 9:36-38)

  38. A. Our Lord Demonstrated An Evangelistic Passion B. Jesus Practiced Mass Evangelism

  39. A. Our Lord Demonstrated An Evangelistic Passion B. Jesus Practiced Mass Evangelism C. Jesus Taught The Importance of Evangelism

  40. A. Our Lord Demonstrated An Evangelistic Passion B. Jesus Practiced Mass Evangelism C. Jesus Taught The Importance of Evangelism D. Jesus Practiced Personal Evangelism

  41. Example-John 4 Witness: Intentional (4:4) Conversational (4:7) Respectful (4:7) Directional (4:10-15,19-24) Convictional (4:16-18) Confrontational (4:26) Missional (4:28-30) Attitudinal (All of John 4)

  42. III. His Death And Resurrection Embody The Message Of Evangelism IV. His Commission Demands That We Evangelize Matt 28:19-20 John 20:21 Mark 16:15 Acts 1:8 Luke 24-27-48

  43. The Ministry Of The Apostle PaulI. Paul Was A Prepared Witness A. Prior to His Conversion B. By His Conversion C. By His Commission

  44. II. Paul’s Practice Of Evangelism A. Paul Was A Passionate Witness B. Paul Was An Intentional Witness

  45. III. Paul’s Methods: Personal evangelism Mass evangelism Household evangelism Apologetic evangelism Miracles and evangelism Educational evangelism Literary evangelism Church planting Urban evangelism Follow-up

  46. The Birth of a MovementEvangelism in the Acts

  47. It was a small group of eleven men whom Jesus commissioned to carry on his work,and bring the gospel to the whole world. They were not distinguished; they were not well educated; they had no influential backers….If they had stopped to weight up the probabilities of succeeding in their mission, even granted their conviction that Jesus was alive, and that his Spirit went with them to equip them for their task, their hearts must surely have sunk, so heavily were the odds weighed against them. How could they possibly succeed? And yet they did. --Michael Green

  48. Evangelism In The Acts

  49. I. A Strategy Develops Total Penetration Total Participation

  50. II. The THESIS of ActsActs 1:8 Personnel Power Plan